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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Courtney - de Young Museum, SF

"This particular outfit I actually got a couple weddings ago. I got it in bright blue because I hate that people always black to weddings. I refuse to wear black to weddings because everyone else does. Which seems odd, people don't know how to dress up for evening wear and not wear black. So I got this because it's not black.

I really like this shade of blue. At first glance the cut of the dress is deceptively plain. On second glance, one notices the pleats and its bubble skirt, and how it could be flattering on a variety of figures (not that Courtney needs it to be forgiving).

Without knowledge (save for my imagination) of how this dress looks like on anyone else. I'm going out on a limb and proclaiming that this lovely floaty dress, might actually be one of those mythical forgiving dresses.

She does it right by accenting with metallic sandals and a clutch.

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