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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tricia - Alameda Flea Market, Alameda

I ran into the lovely and inspiring Tricia of bits and bobbins and wardrobe_remix at the Alameda Flea Market. Somewhere between agreeing to let me take her picture and eating crepes together, we spoke a little about the current state of negativity in fashion blogging. Now, she's published a post about her frustration.

My policy has always been to highlight the positive of street fashion at fashionist. It's really easy to be negative about other people's fashion choices. We know it's out there (and sadly inside our own heads as well), so might as well be positive. When people ask me what I do, I frequently say that I go around all day telling people they look good (I get to do it twice, once when I take their photo and again when I post). It's a job description I'm proud of.

So on that note, of course Tricia's been on fashionist before. She looks so great and fearless with her great orange coat, her hair, her red ring and her covetable Orla Kiely bag. Not to mention boots whose smooth leather look ready to face the Bay Area's arctic winds.

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