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Monday, November 17, 2008

Cole - 18th Street, SF

"What inspires my style is everything from vintage stuff to current trends. I love, you know, kind of faggy gay stuff, big fan of that. I pay a lot of attention to what folks wear. Lately, I've been kind of feeling that going into Grandpa's closet look. Revisiting what Grandpa used to wear, that's kind of the look I'm working; boat shoes and cardigan."

I'm all about how he easily layered these items in a way that is interesting, but not technically typical. Graphic tee, plaid shirt and super soft gray cardigan? With an emphasis on graphic tee and the plaid shirt pulled back. So - of course! - yet not done enough. Well-played (in an understated way) sir!

Oh, boat shoes, you're the modern day male moccasin (as far as reach among a certain set).

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