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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Joy - Valencia Street, SF

"In general, Solid Gold Dancers. And this outfit? I'm just really slouchy and hungover today."

Sometimes I like how people turn convention just a little off kilter. Here Joy is wearing a puffy jacket, but it is in a very non-traditional inky blue/violet (versus the ubiquitous black). Then I looked down and saw the fun screw pattern on her leggings. I remember when Bernard Willhelm first came upon the fashion scene and how great his colorful patterned leggings were. It was like, "Okay we're adults but we can still be playful in the way we dress." So, yeah, that was why I asked Joy if she would pose for me.

Appropriately comfy booties and a closer look at that screw pattern on her leggings.

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