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Monday, February 9, 2009

Chris - Alameda Flea Market, Alameda

"I think it was: I was coming to Alameda so I thought I'd go naval."

Ran into old friend and fashionist about town Chris Groves. I heart how he puts a little extra something-something into how he wears sportswear. Love the striped shirt peeking out and the gray denim. And notice how he added two gold pins to his collar? Style is in the details.

Over the last 9 years I have spent some time gossiping with Chris about fashion in-between sets (even consulting him about what I should name this site). If you also recognize him, it's because he's lent his vocals and bass (and keyboard) skills to two of my favorite bands to come out of the Bay Area, Dealership and Citizens Here and Abroad.

A look at his lovely white trainers.

As an additional bonus, here are videos from aforementioned bands.

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