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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rosalee - 8th Street, SF

"My style is inspired street wearing graffitti culture. I'm sponsored by DimePiece designs."

Magazines and trend watchers keep wanting to see skinny jeans go the way of the music CD, but everytime I see denim like the ones that Rosalee is wearing. (Ruched on the side seam!) I have a feeling that skinny jeans will remain popular for at least a few more seasons. Personally, I think skinny jeans make people like me (short, athletic) look taller than we are and I'm not gonna say, "No", to that. Also, on the topic of Rosalee's outfit, besides wearing a cute hat, how lovely is Rosalee's short black trench coat?

A look at Rosalee's pretty ankle boots.

Commentator, Emily, guessed correctly that today's theme is tan/brown shoes with black tights/socks/leggings. Yay Emily!

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