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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rudy and Alexis - Magic Marketplace, Las Vegas

Rudy: "My style, is actually brother's brand and my brother's clothes. I'm here to keep him company. It's refined, dressed up sort of streetwear."
Alexis: "Well, it's [my company] based in Stockholm and been around for 4 years. We do a sneaker/fashion, sort of hybrid shoes. I don't know what I'm inspired by, in Stockholm it's all about rolling-up your pants and showing off your socks. This is a vintage Pendleton."

First, let me state that I've never been to Sweden. (The closest I've been is Denmark.) Yet, I find it both romantic and reassuring that my perception is that these two men are fine examples of Swedish street fashion. I mean, look at Rudy's uber-masculine construction worker shoes and Alexis' layering of denim and (2 or 3 types of) wool? What is more masculine than construction worker shoes and layered denim and wool? Answer, nothing. (Okay, maybe corrugated steel, but it's hard to wear.)

A look at the referenced shoes.

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