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Monday, May 11, 2009

Raphael and Melanie - Rose Bowl Flea Market, Pasadena

raphael_melanieRaphael: "I kind of just pick out what's in my closet that is black or white."
Melanie: "Everything, I don't know."

There is something reassuring about uniforms, they have the possibility of freeing the wearer. It's one less worry when what you're gonna wear is much like you wore the previous day. Raphael didn't say this was his uniform per se, but I felt like he hinted at it. I like that Melanie was both ready to cover-up (long skirt) and reveal (tank top) in the same outfit. It's as if she was bowing down to the overcast weather in the morning, but offering her shoulders up to the sweltering sun in the afternoon. This is how it is done in SoCal, no sweaters and layers at the ready. One outfit, that's it.

A look at his ankle boots and her Birkenstock-esque (at least the soles) sandals.

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