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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Benicia and Julia - Larkin Street, SF

Benicia: "Well this was just thrown together. The shoes were given to me, they're samples from North Face. So that was lucky. I don't know comfortability and asymmetrical-ness. I like to do that."
Julia: "My friend got these for me for the summer. I live in New York and I'm out here for the summer. So, it's Biggie/Tupac. Stop the violence: east coast/west coast."

These ladies braved wind so I could get a photo of their lovely selves. I was particularly interested in Benicia's asymmetric collar and Julia's shawl-collar. I also like Benicia's shoes and Julia's sunnies, as well as her Tupac and Biggie one-inch rounds.

I like that they both have shoes that particularly stand-out, Benicia with her gray rough-edged kicks and Julia with her green moccasin flats.

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