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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gwen and Zan - Armstrong Woods Rd, Guerneville

Gwen: "I'm inspired by girls from Paris and Asia."
Zan: "I'm probably most inspired by Annie Hall and how I used to dress as a kid."

I like their mix of patterns and solids with a bold color (cranberry, orange) thrown in for good measure. Also, check out how great their accessories are (earrings, hat, pin on vest).

Gwen and Zan both wear maryjane flats.

*I had the pleasure of riding in the car during wine tasting with Gwen and Zan at the fantastic Broad Summit in Guerneville, CA. I'm immensely grateful to the organizers and the sponsors for their largesse in hosting me. In my attempt to enjoy the experience, I scaled down on my usual photo taking and hence only have a handful of photos to post to fashionist.

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