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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ariana and Clay - Brighton, Boston, MA

Ariana: "Definitely, like magic and cosmic themes. I'm really into crystals and stuff like that as well."
Clay: "I've never really thought about it. You know, if I see something I like, I'll get it. I don't really know..."
Arian interjects: "I inspire his style."

If you've been reading fashionist for awhile, you know I have a soft spot for couples that have a cohesive style. Notice how these two are keeping to the same pallet of gray, white, and black. So their colors are the same, but the proportions, the form of their clothes are distinct. Ariana is wearing a 90s-era paper bag silhouette (complete with squared-off crop top and "paper bag" pants) and Clay keeps everything in a slim and fitted silhouette. They both also have a knack for accessorizing: double pendant necklaces, sunnies, her bangle. So good. Probably all unintentionally inline with the other, but visually interesting nonetheless.

A look at her plastic silver gladiators and his all black Converse All Stars.

This concludes my Boston coverage, brief - yes. But I'm glad to get back to covering my home turf of SF, even if it looks like a nuclear winter (foggy and gray out) and is in the 50s. (Degr. F)

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Anonymous Ariana said...

Thanks for including us on your blog! I also sell vintage and jewelry, which I guess is why we're both so tricked out ;)

July 28, 2010 at 8:01 PM  

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