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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paola Hernandez - Fall/Winter 2011 at W Hotel, Lexington, NYC [NYFW]


Gorgeous grays and blacks in silk, cotton, wool, dominated Paola Hernandez's Fall/Winter 2011 presentation. The setting was a pair of hotel rooms in the W Hotel on Lexington. Stationed throughout the suites, students from an art school doubled as models. Attendees circled around the models as they indulged in painting, sketching, typing, and playing music. The collection titled, "A Look Within" developed from the idea of balance. The search for balance begins with a state of silence and emptiness which is represented by black as the exterior of the garment. This darkness is paired with a silver lining, suggesting light and revealing the power for creation within.”


This was translated into the idea of artistic introverts and the clothes they wear as they go about their craft. At one point I had to ask a male artist/model to look my way, he was so engrossed in his drawing as attendees to the presentation milled about. Elements like epaulets, single strapped gowns, wide collared jackets with nipped in waists, and slim fitting pants and shorts, made each piece deliberately careful. Even if this is a ready-to-wear collection, it felt tailored and perfect. These are the clothes you'd wear if you wanted to hit it out of the park every time.







Ms. Hernandez is on the right.

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