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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shannon - MBFW, Lincoln Center, NYC [NYFW]


There is so much good going on with Shannon that I've gone past my three picture m.o. to five to show you how great she looks.

See the detail of these great cuffs (a gift, from Cynthia Rowley) with their rough hewn gems and a color that matches her socks.

Love the retro look of this satchel/ school bag style. Not exactly the same one, but a similar style can be found here. Oh, found it - it's a Cambridge Satchel. (This would be a wonderful way to incorporate the bright neons of the fall (pink) or upcoming spring (yellow, green) season into your wardrobe without a big commitment.)

Remember creepers? I had a pair, Shannon's outfit makes me consider buying another pair.

Keep up with Shannon via tumblr or twitter.

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