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Monday, October 31, 2011

Krylon and James - Treasure Island, SF

Krylon: "So, what inspires my style is… I'm really into patterns and different types of... I like fall and I like the changing of the seasons. Just being able to play with clothes and stuff. So, I'm inspired by the movement of clothes, it's kind of like language, if you know what I mean, so if you speak the language of the season then you pretty much got the clothes on lock. And today I'm more just inspired by the fall and by the leaves changing colors and by the romanticism of it all. So, I'm doing romantic-type feel."
James: "What inspires me in general is found objects. I don't plan my fashion. If I find something I buy it and I wear it. For this outfit, I just like red pants."

Friends that wear clothes that unintentionally mimic yin-yang always excite my optic nerves.
krylonand_closeup - san francisco street fashion style

A look at their shoes. Check out how Krylon's shoes are perforated, much like Matt's.
krylonand_shoes - san francisco street fashion style

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