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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Danielle - Valencia Street, SF

danielle12- san francisco street fashion style
"That's a complicated question fopr me. Let's see what inspires this outfit? [Animal prints?] Yes, safari realness. Bohemian chic. I thrift alot, so I'm inspired by patterns and fun things. I'm really into caftans right now."

Beyond the fabulous caftan she's sporting, she's got hidden gems in her outfit. See her necklace? Made of plastic, it's a faux rough stone, a humorous accessory - whose joke is in the idea that someone designed it to look like something it definitely isn't. I love how Danielle is owning personal style that is fun, quirky, and perfect for celebrating a year change.

I hope to be as brave in my own personal style this year. Let's do it fashionists! Let's embrace 2012 with hope and bravery!
danielle12_closeup- san francisco street fashion style

Tiger print platforms.
danielle12_shoes- san francisco street fashion style

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