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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Houman - Valencia Street, SF

hooman san francisco street fashion style
"I guess i look at a lot of films and I do a lot of image searching, so that inspires me as well. Things from the past usually inspire me more than current stuff. Even what I see out and different forms of design, like furniture, architecture, really inspire me."

Houman looks great from head to toe, the white jeans and graphic button front alone warranted me chasing him down. He reminds me a bit of the puppet alter ego of Serge Gainsbourg in Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life from the 2010. Not a bad thing as I am a fanatical admirer of bold choices.
hooman_closeup san francisco street fashion style

Suede slip-ons, so refreshingly 90s alternative. My current nostalgia for the early 90s is running high.
hooman_shoes san francisco street fashion style

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