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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Isabel - Market Street, SF

"[I'm inspired by] the weather and having to walk everywhere, so I like comfortable shoes."

I like that though her outfit is mostly black, she has layers of different textures (gauzy and leather). I also like that her outfit sits somewhere between a short dress and a shirt, but it isn't obvious because of her monochrome choices and thick tights. It's definitely a great way to wear sleek while still being modest.

A look at her boots.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it!!

October 10, 2007 at 5:12 PM  
Blogger WendyB said...

She looks supercute.

October 10, 2007 at 8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great blog... love the photos!

October 10, 2007 at 10:53 PM  
Blogger AM said...

I love what inspires her - weather and having to walk everywhere are my inspirations, too! Coincidentally, today I'm wearing a very similar outfit to her's, except, you know, not as cool.

October 11, 2007 at 2:55 PM  

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