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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dara - Magic Marketplace, Las Vegas

"Vintage and a little designer. I'm from the South, so everything is vintage or thrift stores, I like looking through, searching through thrift stores for the adventure of it. finding good pieces. I'm an account executive for Market Showroom, I'm doing the line Pink Polkadot. And I just love fashion, I went to school for fashion."

I took Dara's photo right after I took Juyouh's, there is something in his outfit's silhouette that is very similar to her outfit. Some visual quirkiness with the slouchyness of the pants as they dip into his boots that I'm attracted to. (I'm a big pattern recognition type 'o' gal, so these similar silhouettes are very appealing to me right now.)

Very lovely boots that reference construction worker boots, but look at the shoe's placket over the tongue and how the laces are tied, very cool. Also, it's in suede unlike the leather typical construction worker boots. I'm guessing this is the designer part of his outfit, but I'm not familiar with the maker of these shoes, does anyone out there know the shoe designer?

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