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Monday, August 2, 2010

Mena - Alameda Flea Market, SF

"So what inspires me is, I sew all my own clothes now. So the dress, I made, with fabric from here. The sweater is actually, I give myself permission not to have to do knits. So this is deadstock from the 30s. So the fabric and everything, is sourced vintage. This is not actually a vintage pattern, but I usually only sew vintage patterns too. It's one that is probably meant to conjure up 60s, but it's new one. Simplicity 2591, I think. It's pretty recent."

I find it incredibly impressive that Mena is currently making all her own clothes. The benefits are obvious, Mena is wearing totally one-of-kind clothes that fit her wonderfully.

Gorgeous gold platforms that look like they're in incredible condition, but might be from the 1940s.

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