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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ottil - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

ottil - pasadena street fashion style
"Actually, I got almost everything here today. It's just the sun, I think."

There is something very tongue-in-cheek and *wink-wink* about how Ottil dresses. Notice how her clothes proudly proclaim "fashion" and her bag "avante garde"? In Barthes-ian semiotics (or even the Queen's English) she couldn't be any clearer, yet her Spanish Matador bolero jacket and straw 50s-era chapeau hint at finer sensibilities (she loves fine details and perhaps an element of flash).
ottil_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Pairing this outfit with her Adidas sandals might be the best wink of all.
ottil_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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