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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ditte and Helene - S. Congress Ave., Austin [SxSW]

ditte_helene - austin sxsw street style fashion
Ditte: "Sunshine, magazines, and music - rock'n'roll."
Helene: "I like to look at other cool Danish people. Things I like, I think that's inspiring."

These lovely lasses from Denmark wear outfits that are extremely complementary to each other. The stripes are like they are in conversation, one wider, with a deeper graphic element - the other thinner and in a more traditional tank top shape. Yet, when in description the outfits are the same, black leggings, striped tank tops. And otherwise their outfits are clean, spare, and perfect for the weather.
ditte_helene_closeup - austin sxsw street style fashion

Slightly gladiator-esque sandals that seem perfect for their outfits.
ditte_helene_shoes - austin sxsw street style fashion

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