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Friday, April 22, 2011

Madeleine - French Legation Museum, Austin [SxSW]

blbl - austin sxsw street fashion style
"Probably other people. I love big cities, I love traveling, and that's it."

I like this 1990's silhouette with the "paper bag" pants and the square crop top, even the way she pulls her hair back (and inadvertently giving it volume) reminds me of the era. Not that she looks dated, Madeleine looks firmly rooted in the present with a nod back to the past.
blbl_closeup - austin sxsw street fashion style

The present is alive and well in these boots that were never ever meant to have laces, but allude to them. (A purely aughts convention.)
blbl_shoes - austin sxsw street fashion style

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