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Monday, April 11, 2011

Maria and Hilary - S. Congress Ave., Austin [SxSW]

graphicblue - austin sxsw street fashion style
Maria: "Well this dress I got it in San Francisco. I like it because it is abstract, but then if you look closely, it's a person. Actually I make art that looks like this."
Hilary: "My style is business disco. A lot of this is what I packed in my bag, late night, before coming down here. And I just got these shoes because it is way hot. I don't know I like to mix up colors and graphics."

I like the 60s vibe of the shift dress and this strong royal blue with the red shoes.
graphicblue_closeup - austin sxsw street fashion style

Both wearing peep-toed slingbacks.
graphicblue_shoes - austin sxsw street fashion style

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