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Friday, May 6, 2011

Margot and Andria - French Legation Museum, Austin [SxSW]

sketptics - sxsw austin street fashion style
Margot: "I don't know. Nothing in particular, I thought it looked great together. (Andria pipes in: "This is her Dad's shirt from the Navy in France") Yes. And Wrangler jeans that I cut myself, Urban Outfitter socks, and my Mom's cardigan."
Andria: "Just what I have or have had for million of years and just throw it together."

These ladies look skeptical, but also great, both are wearing the shorts of the season. They manage to do that without revealing too much. The tights help, as does the long cardigan, and all this without sacrificing style.
sketptics_closeup - sxsw austin street fashion style

Shoes that recall the style worn at the turn of the 20th century.
sketptics_shoes - sxsw austin street fashion style

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