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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kimi - 7th Avenue, NYC

kiminyc - nyc street fashion style

I like how on first glance his outfit could be ordinary, but then the eye spots his sleeve, is that a rip? Oh wow, no it's an intentional slash, so the eye plays peek-a-boo with his biceps. Look how great the shirt and shoes look together and he's just wearing jeans, but check out that zipper, that zipper looks abnormally long... Wait what? Drop-crotch? Yes, definitely drop-crotch with a paperbag-esque waist that doesn't sit low and a great worn wash. In two words? Good job.
kiminyc_closeup - nyc street fashion style

A look at his fantastic aqua blue not-Keds, the eyelet flap extends to the sole on the sides.
kiminyc_shoes - nyc street fashion style

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