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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sarah - Indie Mart, Wisconsin Street, SF

imsarah - san francisco street fashion style
"I guess 1970s Americana. Like suburban kids driving around, like, I don't know... I have a conversion van and we hang out in the van a lot and just listen to jams. The 1970s encapsulates this funner time when the music was good and the clothes were good and everyone was pretty cool."

I first noticed Sarah because her legs seem to go on forever in that denim jumpsuit and also, denim jumpsuit. (I am a fan of the denim jumpsuit and own two, which is two more than the average person owns.)
imsarah_closeup - san francisco street fashion style

I also like that she has this aura of being from another era and though she references the 1970s, those shoes are straight of Dickensian Victorian England. Which, makes sense, since fashion elements of the 1970s reference Victorian England.
imsarah_shoes - san francisco street fashion style

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