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Monday, March 9, 2009

Mark Powell - Magic Marketplace, Las Vegas

"My style is very very classically -inspired, but obviously with a little bit of an edge. This coat is very 1960s, then of course, the waistcoat and the trousers and the shoes have also got that 60s thing. And this is silk, this fabric is actually original 1950s silk. It's a bit like a sharkskin. And the thing about my look, of course the accessories are very important, this is an original 1920s tie pin, and this is from the 1920s, it's called an albertini watch chain, even the purple socks to go with the tie. So everything is calculated to balance everything out. I'm in the Premium section."

Such snappy 4-button vest and pegged trousers in an almost shark fin fabric. It probably isn't surprising that Mark is a bespoke tailor, exhibiting in the Premium portion of Magic Marketplace.

This purple tie with tie pin is gorgeous. It really adds that extra wallop to the well tailored suit.

It's all in the details and Mark has them in spades, look at this beautiful albertini watch chain!

Don't forget about these lovely brogues made of leather and suede.

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