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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keian and Julio - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

2inblack - pasadena street fashion style
Keian: "People on the street."
Julio: "Just recently, people in Tokyo. What they wear on the streets in Tokyo. I get inspired by that."

So much great hair and drape-y silhouettes in their outfits. Highlights: Keian's vest over his top; Julio's pants with the drop crotch and highwater length and those gold buttons. Possibly my favorite outfits of the day.
2inblack_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Great spare looking shoes, black Clarks® and canvas sneakers. Check how great their *matching* gray patterned socks/leggings are.
2inblack_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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