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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ashley - Alameda Flea Market, Alameda

ashley - alameda flea market street fashion style"I'm inspired by bits and pieces of every decade, but especially the 20's, 40's and 60's. I'm always admiring the style of eccentric old ladies and young girls alike, outfits that are composed entirely with love and not because something is 'cool.'"

On a positive note Ashley gave me her card, which meant that I could email her and ask for her quote (see above). Her dress reminds me of the 1930's era bias cut gowns (see below), something a bit like Natalie Wood's character in Splendor in the Grass. All yesteryear flowy and floral.
ashley - alameda flea market street fashion style

Cute metal bow on suede vintage flats.
ashley - alameda flea market street fashion style

Taken from a scan by Mariana from the Decades of Fashion Book.

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