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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Christina and Angela - S. Congress Ave., Austin [SxSW]

jobeer - austin sxsw street fashion style
Christina: "I would say... I'm a sculptor, and so I think about form and pattern."
Angela: "I make jewelry, my line is called Cheekie. And I mix patterns, like vintage to florals, leopards, lames, lace. So a mix of everything: of color, of texture, print, fabric... Everything."

These ladies are wearing color complementary outfits, but one with patterns and one without. Though they'd look great alone in the picture, I like the visual interplay between their outfits. Check out the form and patterns and how they contrast. (As an aside: I think that Christina and/or Angela might also be in Chica Vas.)
jobeer_closeup - austin sxsw street fashion style

This might be my favorite shoe shot in recent memory.
jobeer_shoes - austin sxsw street fashion style

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