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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Annie - Dolores Park, SF

annie1"What inspires my style is hanging out in the park and seeing what everyone else is wearing and grooving off that, I guess."

I love Annie's dress, her bare-face, and her attitude. She seemed surprised and flattered I asked to take her photo and was at the same time a little flustered by trying to manage her dog. Notice also the tiny anchor pendant on her chain as her dress has the barest reference to a nautical theme. annie_closeup1

A look at her brown leather flats.

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Fancy and Drew - Dolores Street, SF

Fancy: "My style, 1930s to 1950s clothing catalogs, like Sears. And old French movies from the 50s."
Drew: "I wanted to be warmer today, actually, so. But in general, my style, I'm a big fan of the 30s and 40s. I like the idea of something classic, but somewhat subversive, so twisting it and making it my own."

Fancy and Drew, lovely ladies dressing up in a different era. I used to be into parasols, but since I can't manage umbrellas very well (losing and forgetting them all the time), my theoretical idea to use a parasol was as far as I got. I do admire those who can pull off a look that takes extra care, so my hat (if I were wearing one) would be tipped to Fancy and Drew's superior patience for various fashion accoutrements. Cheers ladies, cheers.

A look at their colorful peep toe heels.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jules and Angelina - Dolores Park, SF

jules_angelinaJules: "High-waisted with a tank. Loosen it up baby."
Angelina: "The sun."

Okay, I'm gonna put it out there that I have no idea what Jules is referring to. I kept playing my recorder over and over again to double check her words. The words are right, but their meaning? Not so much getting it.* (see below)

So many lovely things about these ladies. Jules' layered charms and necklaces? Great. Angelina's pink lace dress - lovely. Also both of them have a tousled way about them (hair included) that indicates they just are (probably always) fashionably rumpled.

Comfortable ankle boots for SF pedestrian life.
*Update: Anon in comments totally figured it out for me. I try to listen to the recordings with an open mind, so I heard the breath (or two) between "highway" and "sted" and couldn't figure it out. Anyhow, thank you readers, I love you.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Talya and Mira - Dolores Park, SF

talyamiraTalya: "Vintage clothing I like. I don't really know anything specific."
Mira: "Kind of Sofia Coppola, a Virgin Suicides kind of thing."

Cute vintage dresses with cardigans. They seem very Ghostworld-esque, right?

A look at Talya's Keds (yes, with holes) and Mira's bootie moccasins.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Andy - Dolores Street, SF

andy"I guess I just wear things that I think are fun, easy to wear and a little bit retro."

It was a moment of luck and wind (that which I normally curse) that I got this shot of her dress pouffing out as the dressmaker who made it intended. I like that she wears her clothes casually, even if this dress is of a definite time and place, she doesn't look out of time in it. Also, it fits remarkably well for being a vintage piece.

Her lovely sea foam green plastic Melissa platforms.

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Thuy - Dolores Street, SF

thuy"I'm a teacher, so definitely clothes that are comfortable and clothes that are youthful. Also my friends, I have a couple of friends and they inspire my fashion style."

Thuy is wearing a lovely embroidered dress (I'd guess it is Mexican-style), but maybe we can be safe and just say it is folk-style. The dress is a perfect mini-dress length of 3-4 inches above her knees. She is 70s nostalgia and modern aesthetics all rolled into one.

Her accessories (particularly her watch) are highly covetable.

A look at her boots.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amy - Dolores Park, SF

"I'd say what inspires my style is cute. And girl groups, 60 girl groups. Music inspire my style."

Amy is wearing such a cute little shift. In my opinion, she has style points ++ because she made it herself. Also, look at her darling whistle pendant. This outfit looks like it could be a high school dance or cheerleader outfit.

A look at her shoes.

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Kathleen - Dolores Park, SF

kathleen"This is called, I haven't done laundry in over a month. I don't know."

Effortless pink denim, mid-length leather coat, ruffled edge blouse and ballet flats. Perfect.

Aforementioned ballet flats.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rebecca and Annie - 18th Street, SF

rebeccaannieRebecca: "I just really like bright colors and things that stand out."
Annie: "The weather and my environment, I guess."

Flattering wrap-around dress (that I think is lovely) and wrap around black top. I like that they are both wearing colorful earrings and look ready for a walk around the Mission together.

A look at their flats.

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Cory and Kelly - 18th Street, SF

corykellyCory: "Being comfortable."
Kelly: "It was clean."

Outfits for a non-typical, but idealized San Francisco afternoon that involves Bi-Rite ice cream and sitting in Dolores Park. (Note their lack of sweaters and the warm glow they possess for having their skin touched by sun.) I also like the fact that though they are wearing primarily black there is a lightness to their outfits and countenances.

A look at their shoes, that match, but not exactly.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Aaron and Luke - Dolores Park, SF

aaron_lukeAaron: "James Dean and nice jeans. These are Naked and Famous."
Luke: "Simple and a tiny bit sporty."

Casual yet subtly fashionable duds on men in Dolores. I'm always impressed when guys wear denim that fits well and isn't too tight or too baggy. American men don't often get fit right, but these guys do a good job of it. And though the sweater is a bit pill-y, I like the bright stripes and the shawl collar.

A look at their shoes.

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Susan and Nicole - Dolores Park, SF

fashionistSusan: "I love jumpsuits."
Nicole: "Polyester."

I love how colorful and nostalgic looking they are. There is something awesome in the fact that I could picture the Brady girls in these same outfits.

A look at their shoes hiding in the grass.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jessica and Brooke - 18th Street, SF

fashionistJessica: "Heavy metal."
Brooke: "Beer. Beer and heavy metal."

Check-out Jessica's dress and how she has her hair in loose braids. Lovely. I really like Brooke's wayfarer-esque sunglasses that are of a heavier frame and seem to take up a lot of real estate on her face. Notice how Brooke has dressed up her Slayer shirt, by pairing it with a long cardigan and a tied-dyed skirt, it is *almost* visually a dress, albeit with a Slayer logo. And! "Hi cute bone on chain, how are you?"

A look at Jessica's maryjane/peep-toe/sandals mash-up of a shoe and Brooke's Doc Marten's.

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Nia and Alison - 18th Street, SF

fashionistNia: "Well I just had an interview today, so I'm trying to look my best with this shirt. I changed my jeans, of course. But, I guess I looked at images of Francois Hardy today, so it inspired me to dress up a little bit."
Alison: "I'm actually wearing suspenders and whatnot. My style is inspired by my beautiful roommate Jessica because I'm wearing her sweatshirt."

I like visual patterns and Nia and Alison have a white and black, yin-yang thing going on (though of the more traditional type). This post also reminds me that style isn't as easy (or as hard) as people sometimes think. It's the details that jump out at me: the deliberate ripped knees on Nia's jeans, her adorable blouse, the lace anklet socks on Alison (and how that sort of echos Nia's blouse), her heart sunglasses, and even her gorgeous bike. These ladies have style in spades.

A look at their black shoes.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Nicole - Dolores Street, SF

fashionist"Just a beautiful sunny day."

Look at how lovely Nicole looks in her Tibi dress. the dress is cute simply, yet on the bias to brush the figure without hugging it too tightly. And what a gorgeous floral pattern! I also like her azul pendant matching the blue in her dress' pattern.

A look at her metallic sandals in the grass with her black pedicure.

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George - 18th Street, SF

"Just self-awareness, comfort, just doing whatever you feel comfortable. Just having a style that fit your personality and characteristics and noone else's."

This is a what a white shirt worn right looks like. George knows how to make the ordinary unexpected with rolled up pants, a newsboy cap, loafers, and a flower behind his ear.

A look at those loafers.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lauren - Bryant Street, SF

fashionist"This outfit is inspired by Miami."

I like her colorful vintage print tank and her pale denim. With her large sunnies, she does looks ready for Miami.

A look at her black desert shoes.

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