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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aminah - 18th Street, SF (Quick Shots)


Hello faux jeweled encrusted top, I like how you glint in the sun when Aminah bikes by.

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Christian - 18th Street, SF

"Fashion, runways. Just high fashion designers and everything and my mother too because she likes to dress up as well, so I got it from her. My favorite is Chanel, so Karl [Lagerfeld]."

Where do I start? The homage to Lagerfeld in button down and bow tie? Or how he seems to reference both Catholic school (rosary) and waiters at the same time. I admire Christian's genius in having the creativity (and oomph) to put this outfit together and wearing it on one of the hottest days we'll have this year. I'm also seduced by his gold framed mirrored sunnies and his hair that reminds me of a Nagel.


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Monday, June 29, 2009

Jemitra - Valencia Street, SF (Quick Shots)

Miriam - 18th Street, SF (Quick Shots)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Agatha - Dolores Park, SF

"Pretty much anything. Anything that you can find anywhere."

There is something Bananarama-esque about Agatha and her pink shirt and overalls, cut baggy and then cropped. Her sandals though, thoroughly modern and totes her aviator sunnies.

A look at those sandals.

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Jasmine - Dolores Park, SF

"My brother gave it to me, the overalls, and I usually wear heels because I always wish I was taller. That's it."

Overalls with shape that create an elongating effect, so cute on a sunny afternoon.

Platform sandals peeking out.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Alija and Sydnee -18th Street, SF

Alija: "Summer, summer style."
Sydnee: "Going househunting."

I like that they both are wearing pastels. The pastel color combo has not been popular for a long time. So seeing Alija and Sydnee wearing a myriad of pastels was so refreshing and cheery-looking.

A closer at Alija's creamsicle looking Keds (so cool) and Sydnee's oxfords.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Benicia and Julia - Larkin Street, SF

Benicia: "Well this was just thrown together. The shoes were given to me, they're samples from North Face. So that was lucky. I don't know comfortability and asymmetrical-ness. I like to do that."
Julia: "My friend got these for me for the summer. I live in New York and I'm out here for the summer. So, it's Biggie/Tupac. Stop the violence: east coast/west coast."

These ladies braved wind so I could get a photo of their lovely selves. I was particularly interested in Benicia's asymmetric collar and Julia's shawl-collar. I also like Benicia's shoes and Julia's sunnies, as well as her Tupac and Biggie one-inch rounds.

I like that they both have shoes that particularly stand-out, Benicia with her gray rough-edged kicks and Julia with her green moccasin flats.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mabel - Dolores Park, SF

"I don't know, comfort, color, my pink bra."

I love how Mabel uses color (pinks, mauves) and proportion to add pizzazz to her outfit. Check out how her jacket's edges are rounded, so the whole piece has a kimono-esque draping (gorgeous). Her clear eyeglass frames are also a nice touch. She looks great.

A look at her sandals.

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Stewart - Dolores Park, SF

"I have no idea. I grabbed this shirt when I was running out the door, threw it on, I put on my pants and flip-flops. Thought it would be comfortable and it's sunny out, so..."

As Vivienne Westwood says, "It is not possible for a man to be elegant without a touch of femininity."

Pink button down and shirtsleeves? Yes, please. Also, who knew basic black cotton pants could look so good?


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Denise - Cortland Avenue, SF

"I just wear what I feel. This was a really warm day, so I decided to be comfortable. I like earth colors and that kind of stuff, so... It just depends on my mood."

I like her glamorous preppy urban style (the hair covering is the urban). Denise knows how to put diverse elements together to make a cohesive outfit that is colorful and looks great.

I covet her cool sandals.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Matt - Larkin Street, SF

matt1"I do a lot of work in Chicago and New York and I notice that the casual thing here doesn't always work there, you feel a little under dressed. I definitely don't need to dress in suits here, so it's a combination of what I needed to do when I was there and then coming back here. It's kind of a casual-formal style together."

Matt's got that Falling Down vibe, but updated for our modern time. I like how he's a bit dressier than SF normally sees, but he's got his shirtsleeves rolled up as if he's ready to do the job.


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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Henry and Eric - 18th Street, SF

Henry: "I like to choose nice clothes, stuff I like. I like to look cool, like my friend Galileo."
Eric: "I like to dress like I did when I was 7 or 8 years old, so I wear a lot of corduroy. Things that I wore when I was 7 or 8, I still emulate that."

I like the suaveness of Henry's blazer (blazer with t-shirt for the under 10 set - wow) and Eric's non-label specific Garanimal-esque aesthetic of cardigan and corduroys.

Henry's Skechers and Eric's colorful, but not label-evident shoes.
This is the final post for my father/son series today. Happy Fathers' Day!

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Bryan and Hank - Mission Playground, SF

"I am inspired by my wife. She has great style. And she makes out with me when I dress cute."

Bryan and Hank are wearing great bright colors on day that was really gray. It brightened my day, just to be able to take their photo.

I wanted to do a series of father/son photos for Fathers' Day because I hardly ever see well dressed men walking out and about with their brood.

Similarly rounded toe trainers.

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Chris and Milo - 20th Street, SF


Chris has been on fashionist a number of times, it's nice to see that he's passing on the style gene (jean?) to his son, Milo. Also? It's Chris' first official Father's Day (Milo is 11 months old). Happy Fathers' Day Chris!

A look at their shoes. I really dig on those gray wingtips Chris is sporting.

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Jeff and Julie - Sanchez Street, SF

Jeff: "Well I like scarves, which is good because Julie gets me scarves for presents all the time. This one came from London, where she used to live, and that's perfect because it's always cold in San Francisco and I can wear them year-round."
Julie: "It's really comfortable. This [sweater] is really soft and comfortable and I like [these] shiny [leggings]. And that's really it."

Jeff and Julie dressed in lovely grays, blues and greens. Their excitement drapes over their countenance and makes them glow. The two designers are expecting a baby they've nicknamed "Pixel" in a few weeks time.

A look at their shoes

Happy Father's Day!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Hanh - Larkin Street, SF

"This is actually a project for my class, I'm an art student, a fashion designer. I love this fabric [for the coat] I found it at discount. This silk dupioni just goes well with the print. So I put something together real quick for a final. That's my inspiration."

I think Hanh's silk dubiani dress looks cute with her shoes. Additionally, the fact that it is diy makes her outfit incredible. I sew, but to "whip something up" - that takes some chops.

I'm slaughtering Teddy Rossevelt's famous foreign policy quote: "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick," to proclaim my feelings about Hanh's awesome shoes. So, um, "Speak softly, but wear big heels." (cringe) They're hot though, right?

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Rebecca - Larkin Street, SF

"My fashion icon is a cracked out real estate agent from the 80s; stuck there with a love of horseback riding and recently she's taken up chess."

Rebecca is the singer of popular local band, My First Earthquake. I like how she jazzes up her black dress with a purple belt, that amazing chicken purse and pink socks/kicks. Also, with brightly dyed hair, sometimes wearing black is the best way to go.

Amazing pink patterned low-tops that make me reconsider my ban on Nike footwear.
See Rebecca perform with her band, My First Earthquake, this weekend. They play at Cafe Du Nord on Saturday, June 20th (that's tomorrow). It looks like they're headlining and the show starts at 9:30pm, $10 and a 21+ ID will get you in.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lucia and Tricia - Dolores Street, SF

Lucia: "Rastafarian inspires my style, only because I just saw that Andy Samberg video and it's funny."
Tricia: "Bohemian chic inspires my style."

Really different styles, but I like the patterns on both their dresses. I'm not usually one for tie-dyed, but I think Lucia has done a great job of elevating it as just a pattern on her tank dress (despite her quote). And Tricia looks great in her paisley dress and gold gladiators.

Flip-flops and gladiators, it's what rules (along with Converse) the streets of the Mission this summer. (Sort of want to put summer in quotes because it's been chilly of late, but today nice sunshine!)

Update: Was asked in comments to include the video, but as SNL doesn't allow youtube or vimeo videos (as far as I could find with a 10 minute search), here is the link from Hulu.

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