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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Artressa - Folsom Street, SF

fashionist, san francisco street fashion
"It just what I feel like. Anything, color, vintage, retro, thrift stores, anything..."

Besides the lens-less frames, this is an outfit that I'd wear (read: I covet this dress and those shoes). I love the striped dress made of burlap-esque fabric and the great green belt used to cinch her waist.
fashionist, san francisco street fashion

Love these blue suede oxfords.
fashionist, san francisco street fashion

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Tiffany - Folsom Street, SF

fashionist, san francisco street fashion
"I like comfy clothes. That's why my shoes have no heels. Something really comfy, I like to be warm."

I like that her sweater and tights give an impression of perpendicular lines.
fashionist, san francisco street fashion

A look at her cute perforated leather lace-up shoes.
fashionist, san francisco street fashion

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Ashley - Alamo Square, SF

fashionist, street fashion, san francisco, style
"Just being reunited with clothing I haven't worn in a year and a half."

It's been awhile, but do you remember Ashley? I took her photo way back in April 2007. Since then she's graduated from college and lived in Korea. At least some things haven't changed - her love of floral dresses, colored tights, and black flats.
fashionist, street fashion, san francisco, style

Aforementioned bright tights and black flats.
fashionist, street fashion, san francisco, style

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Courtney and Lindsey - Treat Street, SF (Barely Legal Microhood)

Courtney: "Whatever is current. I don't know."
Lindsey: "Being comfortable, but also hip or something."

Sweet patterned lavender dress in contrast with the basic black tunic, bells, and an amazing gold collar. Love how these two ladies look next to each other.

Warm summer day footwear.

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Kim - 18th Street, SF (Barely Legal Microhood)

"Basically, I try to go for stuff that fits with the curves of my body and I feel that more vintage styles tend to be a little more curvy, so I kind of go with that."

Pretty patterned dress with a black ribbon at the waist worn with big sunnies, red flats and and hennaed accents.

A look at her hennaed hand.

Those red flats.

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Dani - Alamo Square, SF

"This one is mostly found/ free box things. So just eclectic and what's comfortable. [In regards to this necklace:] my dad has very odd things at his house and I found this bullet and it's not alive round, so I made a necklace for it."

Flannel and lace and that diy bullet charm. Oh my! A snapshot of life in the 90s with the rosy lens of nostalgia (mine, of course).

Suede mocassins.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Courtney - Alamo Square, SF


Love her mix of country-fied plaid sundress with lace trim and the on-trend ocelot print cardigan. I've actually taken a picture of Courtney before. At that time, she wasn't living in SF, but lucky for the City's fashionist population, she has recently joined our ranks. Welcome to the City Courtney!

Wonderful lace peep toe flats.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alfred - Alamo Square, SF

"I work at a custom clothing shop. It's in North Beach, called Al's Attire. We don't really have a website, since it's custom stuff. We do sell new ready-to-wear, like this [jacket] is off the shelf."

Great 3-button coat, with the buttons a bit higher than usual - virtually making the lapels nonexistent. I actually first spotted his fantastic plaid wool trousers (see how great that true blue line that runs through it), his shoes and then the entire outfit.

Beautiful buttery brogues.

Today's theme is Haberdash. There is still time to make plans to go this evening.

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Sam - 18th Street, SF (Barely Legal Microhood)

"I guess my friends actually. A lot of street stuff. I'm really into thrifting, so I guess what I find inspires me. If I find something really cool I find a way to make it work into my outfits, basically."

I find it charming how Sam's jacket calls to mind uniformed school boys mixed with the working class fashion of late 60s/early 70s working class Britain (cuffed denim, black boots).

Slim short leather boots.

Today's theme is Haberdash. There is still time to make plans to go this evening.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Christina - Alamo Square, SF

"Bargains. The Flea Market is inspiring me."

Christina is the owner of Skirt Chaser Vintage in Santa Rosa, so it's no wonder she always looks flawless. Here she wears a great belted camel shawl coat with animal print and holds a darling clutch with gold balls. Love that this one item encompasses three fall trends: camel, animal print, and cinched waists.

Hopeful for summer criss-crossed brown leather sandals.

Here is Christina circa November 2007.

Today's theme is vintage glamour to the nth degree. Thank you ladies!

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Valerie - Alamo Square Park, SF

"Just glamour."

Valerie looks great from head-to-toe: her hair with pincurls, her orange-red lipstick that matches the orange-red stripe on that amazing Scottish Terrier plaid patterned dress, those gorgeous brown patent leather oxfords, and yes, even her vintage mink fur coat.

Beautiful chocolate brown patent leather oxfords are hidden in the grass.

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Shannon - Alamo Square, SF

"Well usually I like to dress like the 50s. I bought these pants at Painted Bird. They're the only pants I really have and it's cold. So here I am. This is sort of a vintage blouse and 70s pants."

That beret is super cute, as is that Peter Pan collar embroidered blouse worn smartly with those high-waisted slightly flared jeans. This color palette and a little bit of the silhouette reminds me of the Sonia Rykiel Resort 2011 collection, which I covet.

Great darkened (by water mishap) 80s-era leather flats.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Ali - 18th Street, SF (Barely Legal Microhood)

"I really like prints, so I like to wear something that has a little personality to it. That's what I usually go for with my outfits."

To me, this outfit feels like an abbreviated 20s silhouette mashed with an 80s aesthetic in the print and knit of the dress.

These *might* be slip-on Cole Haan's (if someone knows for sure, would you mention it in the comments? - thanks).

Today's theme are women named Ally/Ali (pronounced the same) wearing wide-brimmed floppy hats.

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Ally - Alamo Square, SF

"I guess it's whatever I have laying around. Estate sales, I guess."

Love her hat and dress with that bigger than life coat. I like that she could be a vision from the 20s or 70s with this level of luxe style.

Ally has a thing for well-worn vintage leather shoes.

Ally circa March 2008 in what she called her: "70s sailor look."

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vanessa and Paris - 18th Street, SF

Vanessa: "This outfit? I got these shoes new, I've been wearing clogs all summer and I wanted to wear something different. I don't know what inspires my style. Pirates, I like pirates. And I like French girls and I like literature."
Paris: "I like these shoes because they're super comfy and I got them for free. I like high-waisted pants in bright colors and I don't like NY that much."

Ladies wearing bright colors on a day full of promise for an Indian summer.

Sandals of two different sorts.

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The Haberdash - August 23-29

Now that the weekend is over, you're probably wondering what exciting fashion-y events are happening, right? Right.

Good thing our friends at the Bold Italic are creating exciting events for your social calendar. In their continuing goal to improve our lives through community, they are putting together SF's first Men's Fashion Week - The Haberdash (August 23-29).

Come to the party on Wednesday, August 25th, at the Burritt Room and brag to others that you were there from the start. They have a slew of other events this entire week, so make sure to put those on your calendar as well. And, in case you feel like rsvp-ing on Facebook.

See you there!

Location: The Burritt Room, 417 Stockton St, San Francisco

Tickets: $15. Includes two complimentary cocktails from Distillery No. 209.


Each night Bold Italic will be throwing events hosted by co-presenters:

MONDAY From 6-8 p.m., Revolver will be pouring free beer, offering 30% off select items, and hosting an art opening for Jesse Pollock's new photo zine "Guys" as well as a performance by Namesake.

TUESDAY From 6-8 p.m., On The Fly will host a free scotch tasting and offer 25% off any single-priced item in the store, including Wolverine boots, shaving tools from Truefit & Hill, and leather bound flasks.

WEDNESDAY From 7-9 p.m., The Bold Italic will throw a Men's Fashion Show & Party at The Burritt Room, with cocktails from Distillery No. 209, a photo booth, and local guys walking the runway sporting fall looks. ($15)

THURSDAY From 6-8 p.m., Jack's San Francisco will be giving out free beers, offering 50% off top designers and 30% off of premium denim, and playing host to a Taylor Stitch pop up store with custom fittings.

FRIDAY From 7-9 p.m., Candystore Collective will pour free beer, offer 30% off of select items, and celebrate cafe racer and vintage motorcycle fashion with a pop up store from Falcon & Snowman.

And of course, ALL WEEK, get deals when you mention "The Bold Italic" at AB Fits, Acrimony, Azalea Boutique, The Barber Lounge, Candystore Collective, Cary Lane, Chrome, Hlaska, Jack's San Francisco, Nomads Clothing & Accessories, On The Fly, PACT, R.A.G., Revolver, Self Edge, Taylor Stitch, and Unionmade.

Click here for a complete run-down of the deals being offered.

The Haberdash. Dress Appropriately.

The above events are 21+.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Rachel - Alameda Flea Market, Alameda

"Really it's the older time and history and liking what you like and doing what you want in life. That's it."

I like the small nod to the 50s this outfit references. The slightly squared off, cropped blouse with the embroidery burn-out (reminds me of Pinay traditional wear) decoration, the wool coat with the back detail, and how her jeans are cropped. Rachel wears this outfit easily and it looks great on her.

Check out the embroidery detail on the back of her coat.

Very cute lace-ups.

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