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Friday, July 30, 2010

Nancy - South Park, SF

"I think I'm an incessant blog reader. So just pulling information from blogs or magazines."

I have to admit, it's all about the party skirt dressed down for work wear. (Purchased at Anthropologie, by the way.) Also, dig her hot-rollered hair.

Simple, black flats hidden in the grass.

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Grant - South Park, SF

"I'm mostly just going for bright colors. Psychedelic bright colors. This (shirt) is my Dad's. Yeah. Comfort."

Bright lime-ochre button down and a color combination (those pants, those shoes) notable because those around South Park are subdued in their outfit (color) choices.

Checked Vans in purple and black.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adrienne - South Park, SF

"I would have to say. I like simple, French, paired down basic kind of stuff. No frills. Utilitarian."

I like how Adrienne has created a lot of depth and variation in her outfit (though monochrome) through the use of different textural elements, like the ruffle on her blouse and how her leather and twill belt contrasts with the cotton/rayon/silk of her jacket. That wooden pendant is cool too.

Also, how great are her gray canvas shoes in contrast with the black of her outfit? And yes, I was partly drawn to her outfit because she absentmindedly left her hem rolled since she gets around via bicycle. (Much like myself.)

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Daniel and Jason - 17th Street, SF

Daniel: "Mostly what I pick out from other people and mostly just what I see out and about. I really don't have a very good answer."
Jason: "I would say whatever is comfortable and easy to wear. I like loose fitting clothes that I just throw on."

Ah a classic pairing: the prep and the rocker. These guys both do a great job of layering their outfits for maximum SF-weather appropriateness.

I think every guy needs these two types of shoes in their wardrobe. The military boot and the slip-on loafer have a lot of reach, as far as, can work with most outfits in a modern man's closet. (One should add trainers too, because one has to be active once in awhile.)

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tiffany - 17th Street, SF

"When I dress I like to keep in mind that I'm French and Japanese. I'm not, but I like to keep in mind I am."

Love this vintage Burberry coat with her salt-n-pepper knit sweater and a black miniskirt.

Look at these lovely black leather booties.

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Randi - Mission Street, SF

"I actually look at a lot of fashion blogs. A lot of Sartorialist, of course, a lot of the regular ones. And I guess old images of style from the 70s and 60s and 50s."

Love how Randi has combined the masculine (anorak) with the feminine (pleated skirt and wedge platforms) into an outfit that is just the right amount of dressed up and has a big shot of color (very cute vintage 70s sweater) on this dreary gray day.

A close-up of those suede peep toe platform wedges.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ariana and Clay - Brighton, Boston, MA

Ariana: "Definitely, like magic and cosmic themes. I'm really into crystals and stuff like that as well."
Clay: "I've never really thought about it. You know, if I see something I like, I'll get it. I don't really know..."
Arian interjects: "I inspire his style."

If you've been reading fashionist for awhile, you know I have a soft spot for couples that have a cohesive style. Notice how these two are keeping to the same pallet of gray, white, and black. So their colors are the same, but the proportions, the form of their clothes are distinct. Ariana is wearing a 90s-era paper bag silhouette (complete with squared-off crop top and "paper bag" pants) and Clay keeps everything in a slim and fitted silhouette. They both also have a knack for accessorizing: double pendant necklaces, sunnies, her bangle. So good. Probably all unintentionally inline with the other, but visually interesting nonetheless.

A look at her plastic silver gladiators and his all black Converse All Stars.

This concludes my Boston coverage, brief - yes. But I'm glad to get back to covering my home turf of SF, even if it looks like a nuclear winter (foggy and gray out) and is in the 50s. (Degr. F)

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Margarita - Brighton, Boston, MA

"I think in the summer, I mostly really like to wear sundresses. I tend to stick to a lot of different types of sundresses, some are very feminine, like the white lace today. Yeah, I really enjoy that."

I'm a fan of making the formal an everyday occurrence. Margarita does it well here with unfussy hair and make-up and simple vinyl plastic metallic flat sandals.

The aforementioned sandals with blue nail polish.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Christian - Brighton, Boston, MA

"I'm a big fan of 1950s/1960s fashion, harking back to greaser and kind of that semi-preppy look, but obviously with a pair of sneakers or something that adds a twist to that beginning style."

I like how Christian looks like he's from another era on the top, but his modern cut jeans and trainers are a whole different (modern) style. For bonus esteem in my eyes, he rolled up on his road bike, so he gets props for the fact that he wore nice everyday clothes to bike around in. (I'm a big believer in wearing whatever you want to bike.)

Tan and black suede high-tops.

Today's theme is out of time.

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Chelsea - Brighton, Boston, MA

"My style is inspired by mostly music. Pretty much any music I listen to, I love all music and I base what I wear during the day on what I listen to in the morning. I listened to rockabilly this morning, the Horrorpops."

Chelsea Thompson is a local designer, who unfortunately, doesn't appear to have a website. She does, however, appear to have major fashionist chops (and an awesome tattoo, check out that twitter icon!). I appreciate how she, like Margaret, has an outfit that is reminiscent of 1920s bathing suits. Chelsea has the additional bonus of nodding and winking at the 1940s pin-up girl aesthetic.

Clunky white wedge sandals.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Leonora Russo - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

"Do you know who I am? I'm the Queen of Williamsburg. I'm famous."

Leonora is the Queen of Williamsburg (a.k.a. the Mayor of Williamsburg). She rules the roost on Bedford Avenue and looks great doing it. Notice her red blouse and all white accessories.

This concludes my Williamsburg posts. This goes out to my dear friend David who (for the day) loitered with me on Bedford Ave.

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Margaret and Rachel - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Margaret: "Comfort."
Rachel: "Today I'm going for Patti Smith meets Cherie Currie in 2010."

I like how Margaret's haircut and shift have a 1920s feel and how Rachel oozes a strong rocker aesthetic with her great hair and super foo at accessorizing (check out her necklace, sunglasses, and the coordination of her belt and platforms).

Love the contrast between animal print ballet flats and fringe leather platforms.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Meghan - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

"Sort of vintage-y rocker. Yeah."

I love her bowler and how her horse t-shirt sort of sets up a casual feel between that formality and the stripes on her skirt. This outfit could've gone either way and she made it casual. Yay Meghan!

Black sandals.

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Ruttager and Miranda - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (Quick Shots)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Luiny - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

"I'm always kind of retro. I love retro. This (shift) belonged to my aunt."

Jewelry designer Luiny looked so breezy in her pastel shift and her frosty pink lipstick.

Folded over booties with bright purple laces.

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Adrien - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

"My style is inspired a bit by LA, a bit by indie music, and myself."

The straw fedora with the striped shirt, black shorts, the wayfarers, and those great croc loafers make this an outfit perfect for the hot muggy weather.

White leather crocodile loafers.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Natalie - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

"I'm from Europe. This morning, it was very hot, so I put this on."

It hasn't been a secret that I've been very into denim one pieces for the last few months. This one is especially cute with its ruffled edges.

Black patent sandals with round silver metal-esque detail.

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Ross - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

"This neighborhood, actually. I love street style, I'm a fashion stylist and I get a lot of my inspiration just from living in this neighborhood."

Lovely candy-striped vintage sundress. (Also, great hairstyle.)

Converse® high tops, folded down with tongue up.

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