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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rena - 18th Street, SF

rena18 - san francisco street fashion style
"Lots of things as long as it's edgy, a little bit elegant, and a lot of rock 'n' roll."

Rena does sheer in a subtle and classy way. Only close-up can you see her bra. Keeping the outfit colors low-key and patterns to a minimum, except for the sheer rose pantyhose, enables her to go sheer without revealing too much.
rena18_closeup - san francisco street fashion style

Biker style booties and a close-up look at that hosiery.
rena18_shoes - san francisco street fashion style

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Ana - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

ana - pasadena street fashion style
"This is prairie chic."

Yep, it sure is. Ana looks great in her well-fit floral dress.
prairie_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

The boots are a bit more military than prairie, but one must be sensible (notice the zipper).
prairie_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meg - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

meg - pasadena street fashion style
"This is very vintage. You know vintage-related. It's hot out today so I grabbed whatever was summer-y and yeah... I always go for something vintage when I'm here."

Cute '60s-era floral frock. You can find Meg in a variety of outfits online here.
pinkpas_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Love these unassuming patent leather oxfords.
pinkpas_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Friday, November 26, 2010

[PSA] The Olympics of People Watching


The Olympics of People Watching is a participatory photography show where everybody plays artist, judge, spectator, or all of the above. A competitive exhibit with a sole victor, but all entries will be viewed by curators, bloggers, fellow artists, and Mission passers-by.

The contest exists in two phases. Phase 1 is a two-week period wherein everybody is invited to stop by MCCLA during gallery hours (10am-4pm, Tue-Sat) as well as during the opening reception (December 8th) and post up to ten (10) photographic portraits.

From these entrants, local luminaries of the photography, style, and blogging worlds will select seven semi-finalists. Semi-finalists will have two weeks to produce five more portraits for the show’s closing.

At the closing of the show, semi-finalists will be judged by the general public who can vote for their favorite portraits and crown the Gold Medalist of People Watching.

Curated by: Ian Colon

All events held in the MCCLA Main Gallery.
2868 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
(24th Street BART is close by.)

Phase 1: Nov. 27th (that's tomorrow!) – Dec. 11th: Anybody can post up to 10 photographic portraits.

Phase 2: Jan. 12th, 6:30 - 9 PM Closing night (Admission, $5) Everyone is invited to judge the People’s Choice Gold Medalist Finalists. Winners announced on site!

Michael Braithwaite (Ironing Board Collective), Uri Korn (Hamburger Eyes), Michael Jang (photographer) and Mai Le (Fashionist).

More info can be found here.

I'll be there on the December 11th judging date. Good luck!

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Linda - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

lindapas - pasadena street fashion style
"African fabric and late 70s, early 80s. Somebody made this dress for me, I designed it."

Beautiful African fabric made into a waist cinching dress with puffed sleeves. Covet-worthy.
lindapas_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Great simple leather sandals.
lindapas_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christine - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

christinapas - pasadena street fashion style
"I think other peoples' personal eclectic style inspires me. You know I kind of like to go to flea markets and look at what other people on the streets on wearing, not really the magazines. That doesn't really inspire me. It's real people, real fashion, real life."

A really great maxi dress, the mixed patterns of the fabric and her tied back hair. This is how I prefer to think of as LA style (versus the rampant dirty girl).
christinapas_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Thong (very slightly) tooled leather sandals from Mexico.
christinapas_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Ty - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

typas - pasadena street fashion style
"Freedom and fun. Whatever I want to wear that day whether it be color or short or sassy - I just go with that."

Great print jumpsuit. So glad to have spotted Ty on my way out of the flea market.
typas_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Plain black Converse.
typas_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vanessa - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

vanpas - pasadena street fashion style
"Well I'm just really into vintage, so I like 1950s style. I bought this whole outfit in Portland actually. So I kind of like that vintage style. I don't know, I just felt like wearing this today. I usually dress the way I feel, so yeah."

Great "ethnic" print late '50s, early '60s dress. She has era-appropriate glass frames to match.
vanpas_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Brown peep toes keep it casual.
vanpas_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Carolyn - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

carolynpas - pasadena street fashion style
"This outfit is a little preppy grandma on a budget. So I have the faux Chanel ring that I just bought at the Rosebowl and everything is under $30."

Like the ladylike sweater/skirt mixed with the grungy (flannel) and the drastically different layered necklaces.
carolynpas_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Neutral flats to keep your eyes on the jewelry.
carolynpas_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Nicole - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

nicpas - pasadena street fashion style
"Pretty much what inspires me is really well-made clothes, vintage clothing. Lately I've been in the 60s, but I like 1950s, 1940s. 1939 is my favorite year. So, I like things that are well-made and most of those clothes are."

I love the pairing of bright colors.
nicpas_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

The detail of colorful bangles. This is the first hint of what is to come in the spring, you watch - "African" and "ethnic" inspired jewelry and fabrics will rule the streets.
nicpas_detail - pasadena street fashion style

A look at her very '40s silhouette peep toes.
nicpas_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Kylie - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

kyliepas1 - pasadena street fashion style
"I guess probably mixing mod and kind of 1950s, things that emphasize the hourglass shape. Because that's probably the most flattering shape on the body and things that accentuate the waist and styles like that."

With so many "dirty girls" prowling around Pasadena, it was great to spot Kylie and her ladylike outfit. Love the fetching contrast of pattern and blues.
kyliepas_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Great booties, that look like what the '60s dreamed was the future.
kyliepas_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Isabel - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

isapas - pasadena street fashion style
"I really just put it together. Kind of simple, but my shoes are to just add a little flair. This dress is actually for H&M."

Simple cut minidress with those puff sleeves that I have a weakness for.
isapas_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Sheer black tights with cute suede cut-out oxfords.
isapas_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Valentina - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

valentina - pasadena street fashion style
"I really like style and I like to wear different things from vintage things to new things. I like to put things together."

Valentina hails from Italy and she's got the baroque to prove it (well, the belt, sort of). I like how this version of animal print, in the subdued print of her skirt, is on-trend, but doesn't dominate the outfit.
valentina_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

A look at her brown leather boots.
valentina_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Tina, Paige, and Eve - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

3jeans - pasadena street fashion style
Tina: "I guess just sort of funky sweaters and vests and stuff and the weather."
Paige: "Weather and whatever I like."
Eve: "I just wear what appeals to me."

Lovely ladies wearing three current patterns/textures I'm currently sweet on: the folksy patterned knit vest, stripes, and the lace look. As a bonus they're all rocking cute eyewear.
3jeans_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

A look at their shoes.
3jeans_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Melanie and John - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

melaniejohn - pasadena street fashion style
Melanie: "Yeah. Comfort driven."
John: "Well I thought it was going to be warm today, so I wore something comfortable."

Low-key, sure, but with a well-fitting and bright aesthetic - super easy for me to get behind. Other details: his layered necklaces - different length chains, her square frames, the knot in her button down blouse.
melaniejohn_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Also, they're wearing some of the best shoes at the flea market.
melaniejohn_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Nina - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

ninapas - pasadena street fashion style
"I work at a design-build firm, so its really dirty. So I have to wear boots because I get really dirty and my nails get really chipped and ugly, so that's why I have these boots. And today, since we're not in the office, I get to wear white and I'm really excited about it."

Nina is wearing a high hair bun (a 90s throwback, now making a comeback in SoCal) with a great beaded tank top and bright white jeans. (Notice also, her tortoise frames and the slr camera tattoo on her inner left arm.)
ninapas_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Doc Martens.
ninapas_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keian and Julio - Rose Bowl, Pasadena

2inblack - pasadena street fashion style
Keian: "People on the street."
Julio: "Just recently, people in Tokyo. What they wear on the streets in Tokyo. I get inspired by that."

So much great hair and drape-y silhouettes in their outfits. Highlights: Keian's vest over his top; Julio's pants with the drop crotch and highwater length and those gold buttons. Possibly my favorite outfits of the day.
2inblack_closeup - pasadena street fashion style

Great spare looking shoes, black Clarks® and canvas sneakers. Check how great their *matching* gray patterned socks/leggings are.
2inblack_shoes - pasadena street fashion style

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