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Monday, February 28, 2011

Tavi - West 65th Street, NYC

tavi - nyc street fashion style
"Massacres and murdered children."

If there is something constant in my posting, it's the celebration of individual style. Tavi has it in spades and her recent success has as much to do with the fact that she's a bit of an Iris Apfel (without the years) as the fact that she's whip smart and knowledgeable about fashion.
tavi_closeup - nyc street fashion style

Tavi wears the platform strappy sandals with tights. The contrast is stark with the black encased by white.
tavi_shoes - nyc street fashion style

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Christina - Lincoln Center, NYC

profresh - nyc street fashion style
"Finding my thrifted finds, I guess I just wake up and throw sh*t on. My Grandma too."

Christina made her own tassel necklace. I love how she echoes the colors of her outfit in the colors of the flowers on her hat. Ties it all together. So perfect.
profresh_closeup - nyc street fashion style

Gorgeous gray booties with a stiletto heel.
profresh_shoes - nyc street fashion style

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June Ambrose - Lincoln Center, NYC

juneambrose - nyc street fashion style
"I'm a celebrity stylist, designer, and author. Today's outfit is a little Josephine Baker goes rogue and military. I mean, I love wearing Dries van Noten, he's one of my favorite designers. And I love it's a sequin dress I can wear during the day and party it out at night. So, it's a great day to night outfit. So I toned it down with a military jacket to make it appropriate for the day, and a military sweater. And then by tonight, I'll throw it off, and it's a really cute dropped waist dress."

June has one of those outfits on that once you affix your eyes to a stand-out piece another will jump out at you. Firstly, her beautiful silver dress by Dries Van Noten, and how about that fur, or that turban, or those glasses' frames or that metal cuff on her wrist, on and on. You see, what I mean, right?
juneambrose_closeup - nyc street fashion style

Gorgeous Azzedine Alaia shoes.
juneambrose_shoes - nyc street fashion style

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Young Joon - Lincoln Center, NYC

kombre - nyc street fashion style

Isn't this a wonderful visual ombre effect? His scarf bleeds into brown, the same brown that bleeds into his gloves, pants and shoes. This level of fashionist skills is blowing my mind. Or it may be just a visual (and happy) accident.
kombre_closeup - nyc street fashion style

This satchel, pretty cool huh? And how sweet that it looks as if it's wearing its own fur stole.
kombre_bag - nyc street fashion style

A look at his suede oxfords. That horizontal seam makes the shoe interesting+.
kombre_shoes - nyc street fashion style

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Jennifer - Lincoln Center, NYC

jennifernyc - nyc street fashion style
"I kind of like vintage style. I definitely go for something different every day. I really like shopping at thrift stores or really cheap stores like H&M or Forever21 and just getting things there. I don't like spending a lot of money on my clothes because I feel like you can find something so nice for so cheap and it's totally worth it. You can get like 10 things instead of getting one expensive thing."

I like how charming her hat with it's yarn ball top and her coat with the dress barely peeking out underneath.
jennifernyc_closeup - nyc street fashion style

Check out these "at knee" boots. I suspect they are usually "over knee" boots, but Jennifer is tall.
jennifernyc_shoes - nyc street fashion style

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Megan - West 18th Street, NYC

megannyc - nyc street fashion style
"I like to be comfortable and wear a mish-mosh of things. I'm wearing my boyfriend's t-shirt and my grandmother's fur coat. And I'm wearing a designer leather jacket underneath and it's just a mix. A mash-up."

Megan blogs at Belles&Rebelles. I love her sunglasses and her chic fluffy fur coat. It was cold out when I took this picture, so I think I was coveting its promised warmth.
megannyc_closeup - nyc street fashion style

Great black Boutique 9 suede booties.
megannyc_shoes - nyc street fashion style

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Tibi - Fall/Winter 2011 at Lincoln Center, NYC [NYFW]

Tibi was one of my favorite collections. I really want some of these pieces. You feel the 90s don't you? And all those gorgeous dresses of various lengths, just ready... well just as ready to be slipped off as easily as they were probably slipped on. It didn't hurt that hair and make-up followed my own bare and unfussy aesthetics. Commence drooling now.





























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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ben - Lincoln Center, NYC

"I'm inspired by punk rock. I'm from London and so street fashion and punk fashion."

A bright and gravity-defyingly coiffed individual among the fashionable set at Lincoln Center.

Very tall lace-up boots, they bring me back to my own punk days. :)

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