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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Julie - Hermann Street, SF

"I like clothes with personality. Like this dress is from the 50s and this purse is from the 60s from Germany. I like things with interesting stories."

I like that her red dress has an element of 50s style ethnic touches and that is echoed in the folkloric feel of her bag.

A look at her bag with its tapestry.

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Heidi - Market Street, SF

"I dress the way I do because I'm European. That's my background and that's the way I always dress."

Everything just fits well. I like how her sweater is bright and snug, but not at all tight. Her pants length is just right for her shoes and she is only carrying one large LVHM tote, nothing extraneous.

There was also something about her reminded me of another fashionist, remember Elena?

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La Reina - Church Street, SF

"Color and classic vintage styles."

I like her layering of a-line coat and a-line smock. I also enjoyed seeing her clever echoing of the peacock-ian (may not be a word) colors on her bag and shirtsleeve.

A look at her herring-boned patterned tights and boots.

La Reina mentioned that she follows the lovely Jennine.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Zach - Powell Station, SF

"This outfit is for work, Marc Jacobs. So I have to be in uniform. This is all Marc Jacobs."

I like how he's injected a lot of personality into his work uniform. So much done so well, from his hat to his booties, he looks unself-consciously put together. Reminds me of Cory.

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Marc - Market Street, SF

"My style comes from all over the place: magazines, movies, I collect a lot of photography books, so history... It depends, depends."

Men's dress shorts with dress shoes, done right.

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Mai and CW - de Young Museum, SF (Quick Shots)

Sorry for the delay in posting. Very good friends wed this weekend and there was much celebration leading up to the event (and of course the blow-out event itself). I'm a wuss at recovery, but I've got some photos in the pipe and will be uploading them shortly.

I'm wearing a blue wool coat, that I've had for 11 years, a floor length Diane von Furstenberg dress in her palm tree print, and Forever 21 earrings that didn't last the night. CW's wearing a tuxedo as part of the wedding party.

[Photo c/o Stacy.]

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Giancarlo (a.k.a. Dizzy) - Market Street, SF

"I break dance and I'm an artist. I have a certain thing for what you do, being represented in what you wear. For example, I dance, so I like to wear arm bands. They have a purpose, but I also wear them for fashion. Whatever the circumstances may be, that is how new fashion comes out."

I like his function as form style, especially his bands, his kicks and his jacket.

Look at his wrist/hand bands/straps! I like that Giancarlo is prepared to dance at any moment.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Trinette - Market Street, SF

"I like to mix vintage with modern pieces. And I made and painted this (necklace)."

I really like her wide-legged engineer striped trousers. Wide-legged trousers are definitely headed onto the fashion scene in SF. And! I am a big proponent of individualizing your style through diy elements.

A peek at her red t-strap Mary Janes.

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Aine and Jaslo - Market Street, SF

Aine: "Joey Ramone."
Jaslo: "I like British style and color."

I like Aine's leather jacket and Coca Cola purse (!) and Jaslo's layered sweater and jacket (in the same tone as her hair). I also like Jaslo's bag, but I somehow forgot to take its photo in my haste.

A friend once called me fashionably "tousled" - I interpreted that to mean fashionable with ease. I think Aine and Jaslo have the same vibe going on.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Colin - Market Street, SF

"Just a lot of country music, cowboy boots and tight clothes."

I like when guys do the slim cowboy shirt thing, they can even do cowboy boots with it. The look feels classic to me. I also like that he's wearing it intentionally because he actually loves country music. For some reason it makes it sexier.

A look at his scuffed cowboy boots.

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Ashlie - Market Street, SF

"Actually, I'm working that's why I have to wear pants underneath. But otherwise 70s patterns."

Her dress looks so sunny on a gloomy San Francisco day. She rocks the 70s pattern well with her long flowing hair.

I like her great patterned bag.

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Oliver - Market Street, SF

"Style and design."

I like his white button down, his wide-legged pants and how he wears leather flip-flops.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Heather - Fillmore Street, SF

"I make a lot of my own clothes. But I guess what inspires me is Xanadu."

I love effort in dressing and Heather has it in spades, maybe because she's also known as Uni and Her Ukelele.

When she walked past, I spied her lovely diy scarf/neck adornment.

And then there is her hair with the hat and bows!

Toe-cap pumps in a purplish hue and her bow-festooned knickers round out her look.

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Stephanie and Sean - Market Street, SF

Stephanie: "I don't know I haven't been home to change."
Sean: "Yeah, the same - last night's outing. I don't know about that one."

I like her plaid dress with the electric blue flats. I also like how Sean is seemingly channeling early Beastie Boys, remember them with their small leather jackets, chains and Adidas? I know it's only because I grew up in a certain era that I find this particularly charming.

A look at their shoes.

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Sonia - Market Street, SF

"Vintage 50s wear."

Her outfit is perfect for SF; she has the big scarf for warmth and to guard against the wind and trainers for walking. All the while being stylish.

Also! - I love how her belt buckle is red, so it stands out from the polka dot pattern of her dress.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Toni - Market Street, SF

"I just like high fashion."

I like her gold accents and her wonderful top. See her lovely quilted gold handbag?

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Ali - Market Street, SF

"My philosophy of fashion is I dress for comfort, but I also want to have a little style in there. I like vintage stuff mixed with new stuff and to accessorize."

I like her adept hand at accessorizing. Check out her handbag, bracelets, rings, earrings. She does a good job of mixing it together to look spare.

A look at her weave ballet flats.

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Elena - Market Street, SF

"Basically it's whatever music I put on in the morning. I have a lot of new stuff, but I try to incorporate at least one piece that is vintage, sort of what I like and is comfortable."

I love her cowboy boots and embroidered blouse.

A look at those boots.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Pete and Erika - de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, SF

Erika: "I wear a lot of vintage, so I'm all over the place. Whatever grabs my attention."
Pete: "Actually we're both dressed in Torso Vintage."

Dapper looking attendees of the Nan Kempner exhibit. I have a crush on patent leather heels right now.

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Boram and Eunhye - Market Street, SF

Boram: "I bought this at Macy's because I like the color."
Eunhye: "This (sweater) is my Mother's. I was cold so I wore it. She got it in Korea."

I like their jewel toned outfits, the ruby and yellow are so cheery.

A look at their shoes.

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Katherine - Market Street, SF

"Well today I had an interview at Anthropology, so I went a little more towards their aesthetic. Day to day it changes a lot, whatever you feel like when you're getting up in the morning, I guess."

I really like how she wore her capelet slightly askew. Sometimes I see capelets and collars in boutiques and I wonder how they'll translate into every day street wear, this way works.

I also like her green eyelet skirt. San Francisco hasn't been spared the recent eyelet popularity, but wearing it in green, rather than black or white, makes it fresh again.

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