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Monday, June 30, 2008

Clifford - San Mateo Fairgrounds, San Mateo

"I'm definitely inspired by Victorian/Edward -era. But I also love by 40s, 50s, bocce, Italian kind of... But I'm also interested in DIY, fabricating clothes out of ties, bits and pieces, that's my main..."

I think we're seeing Clifford's bocce inspiration in this particular outfit. He looks like he's from another era, when facial hair was more liberal and a short-sleeved button down shirt was only for weekends.

A look at his though referential, thoroughly modern shoes.

Today's theme is men and their facial hair.

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Dan - Haight Street, SF

"I'm a costume designer. I use a lot of vintage clothing and I wanted to mix different eras together."

This is one of those, glad I had my camera with me even though I wasn't on a photo walk. There's a charming dapper quality to his outfit and his accessories; especially the little bag and his hat.

A close-up of that festooned hat.

I really covet this medical bag, it's such a great vintage find.

Bulbous rounded toe shoes with just a little bit of a lift. :)

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Mike - San Mateo Fairgrounds, San Mateo

"Adventure and reusing old things."

Reflective cop sunglasses and a pink striped vintage top spiced up by a diy silkscreen, what more could you ask for?

Distressed shoes with a middle seam hiding in the grass.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Velvet - San Mateo Fairgrounds, San Mateo

"Probably anything that's ornate and interesting. Renaissance-style with a lot of embellishing."

Velvet made her outfit, she a designer and can be found blogging and selling her creations at Velvet Valentine.

Okay, it's the necklace made of fabric beads that really caught my eye, I love this kind of diy addition to clothing.

A rosette on her skirt.

Really killer "paper bag" ankle boots.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Claire - San Mateo Fairgrounds, San Mateo

"I just wanted something, green, summery, and fun. And glittery, I don't know, I like it."

Very cute dress and accessories. I like how she puts different patterns, textures and colors together.

Super cool bee earrings.

Her bag, with the fold-over top.

A look at her boots.

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Daliah - Guerrero Street, SF

"It's a summer day..."

Lovely dress, lovely flowers, lovely girl. She was strolling by Tartine, so there was something perfect about the blue flowers on her sundress and the fact she was holding flowers. An idea of the French, or at least an idealized image.

Her sandals.

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Emily - Hermann Street, SF

"I think my Mother's wardrobe from "Swinging London". Trying to recreate a gritty sophisticate, I guess."

I like how she wears color on her feet and at her neck, while keeping everything else black. It adds an unexpected cheeriness to her outfit.

Her bright yellow flats.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anne and Daniel - Hayes Valley, SF

Anne: "He picked it out for me."
Daniel: "Grandpas and old men."

I like her cute bright patterned dress and his easy slouchy style.

Brown shoes in green grass.

Today's theme is pairs.

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Dana and Olivia - San Mateo Fairgrounds, San Mateo

Dana: "I guess I just kind of go for what I feel like I like. These, I got to get at a vintage store my sister happens to work at. I guess, I'm lucky in that way."
Olivia: "Cheap and comfortable."

I'm down with pretty colorful dresses that nip in at the real waistline. Feels refreshing in a sea of babydolls.

A look at their shoes. I'm not usually a fan of Crocs, but I sort of like this sling back version, that is just a tiny bit more dainty than the regular Crocs.

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Alex and Ghazal - Saint Laurent, Montreal

Alex: Well, my mood really. And street wear, mostly from Europe."
Ghazal: "I don't know, like anything. My personality. I just want to show people how I am. So, basically, just me."

I like her bright vintage dress and their funky sunglasses.

A look at their shoes.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Magda - Hayes Valley, SF

"This outfit is ... I'm from Brazil. I like this."

Simple red shirtdress with a great clutch and deliciously divine peep toes. Sometimes, it is all about the accessories.

Gorgeous blue suede, platform, peep toes.

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Aimee - Hayes Valley, SF

"Inspiration is definitely San Francisco. I'm from Australia and I'm just traveling around meeting people."

This is one of the best casual "I'm traveling" outfits I've ever seen. She's even accessorized with a wooden brooch and her dress is just so cute.

A look at her boots.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Hailey - Mission Street, SF

"I dress... A lot of my stuff is superhero inspired. And I like using a lot of color."

I like her blue accents, how the sash and headband match. Her outfit walks the line between girly and practical, exactly how a superhero outfit should.

A look at her legwarmers and shoes.

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Dara - Mile End, Montreal

"My grandmother, it's her sweater. So bring something old I guess. She keeps everything boxed up and then I get to dig through it."

I love these 80s era sweaters that are trying to reference the 1940s. Crazy vintage fashion that plays homage to other previous eras.

A look at mocs to complete the casual look.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Danya - Mile End, Montreal

Danya: "Basically everything (I wear), I find at Value Village and I stick it together."

First and foremost she has great hair. I also like her tongue-in-cheek tank and her shoes.

Lovely looking weaved oxfords.

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