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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lauren - Powell Street Turnaround, SF

"There's usually no set inspiration, just what appeals to me. I guess right now, I'm a 70s girl."

In the close-up below, you can see her very lovely 70s dress with the frayed-edge collar/hem and stripes worn with a belt. She just might be channeling Penelope Tree. (Picture below shoes in this post.)

I love her exaggerated cocktail ring.

Her nice gray handbag.

A peek at her black suede shoes.

Penelope Tree in all her glory.

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Rae and Libby - Alamo Square, SF (Quick Shots)

Kyrylo and Oksana - Powell Street Turnaround, SF

Kyrylo: "My wife."
Oksana: "My style is inspired by my husband. He's my inspiration. So that's all."

I like how Kyrylo and Oksana have both chosen one very bold color and used that to anchor their outfits.

Her great Missioni-esque tote bag.

Carrying the color scheme all the way to their shoes.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Skhott, Jitsun and Luke - Polk Street, SF

Skhott: "Jesus Christ."
Jitsun: "The Wild West."
Luke: "Album covers and breakfast."

It's all about color and fit (and I really like Skhott's graphic sweater). These three gents said they're in a band called Vows. Perusing their myspace page, Skhott (unsurprisingly) uses the more conventional "Scott" professionally.

A look at their three very different, very stylish, shoes.

Updated: band name corrected and link!

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Courtney - Polk Street, SF

Courtney has been on fashionist before. I like her coat and how she's adept at layering and adding color (see the green and her orange shoes) to her errands' outfit.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Clare - Market Street, SF

"Classic looks and things that are pretty. Girly.'Cause I feel that so much fashion these days is just trendy, so I try to keep it pretty and nice."

I like her hair and neck scarf worn with the swing cut denim jacket.

Her lovely floral handbag.

Metallic ballet flats reflecting the sun.

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Yumi - Powell Street Turnaround, SF

"I'm from Japan. I like to wear big jumpers (sweaters)."

I love her oversize brown/black striped sweater and her great hair.

A look at her well-loved boots.

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Jacqi and Donney - Market Street, SF

Jacqi: "What probably inspires my fashion is Vivienne Westwood and I really like layering. We're both fashion design students."
Donney: "I'm a fashion designer. The thing that inspires my style is street wear. I'm big into Marc Jacobs."

I like their short haircuts and their adeptness at layering.

A look at their footwear.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Tricia - Hayes Street, SF

I had lunch with the always inspiring and indomitable Tricia Royal of bits and bobbins and wardrobe_remix. Friend of fashionist, she's been featured twice before. I love that Tricia's positivity in fashion really shines through in how she chooses to present herself, both in word (conversation) and clothing color choice. Go Tricia!

A look at her boots.

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Regal Coat - Market Street, SF (Quick Shots)

A regal coat with red lipstick looks great at any age.

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Phillip - Market Street, SF

"Just to look good and not like everybody else. I have my own style."

I sure appreciate color and pattern mixing, especially in men who tend to not take as many fashion risks as women (at least in SF).

A look at his trainers.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Maggie - 8th Street, SF

Maggie looks so great in her thrift store bought red coat. Also, hello well-fitting, perfect length, slightly flared pants. And yes, you've seen Maggie before, friend of, she has also contributed to the site.

A look at her red shoes.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Katherine - Market Street, SF

"Living in the City."

I like her Club Monaco jacket. Oh pleats and off centered opening, how lovely you look. She's also wearing J Brand jeans.

Her Marc by Marc Jacobs patent leather flats.

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Shelly - Market Street, SF

"Color and texture. I love mixing it up."

A vision in layered violets and golds.

A look at her covetable patent leather bag.

Shelly's boots and her scrunched golden socks.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dion - Market Street, SF

"I'm not even sure. I just threw it on in the morning, when I was going to work. I try to keep it minimal with color, I just have a purple skirt on and I accessorize."

I have an affinity for turbans, I'm gonna just admit that now. If suddenly you see a rash of turbaned, women and men on fashionist; this is the reason. I like her beads, her turban and how she has an unaffected air about her. Dion is awesome.

A look at her flats.

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Emmanuel - Church Street, SF

"The weather. I dress by the weather. I've been a fashion follower since the 80s, but I never pursued it, but H&M makes it possible for us."

Prepared for the glare and the cold, while waiting for the metro.

A look at his shoes.

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Lauren - Church Street, SF

"For this outfit I wanted to have all black and just one spot of color, so that's why the coat is bright yellow, but everything is black. I wanted to balance it [the black], so I wore canvas colored shoes. I take a lot of art classes and I'm really into art, so... Like this coat looks like a painting, but a digital photograph of a painting, so that's why I like it."

Her coat is Anthropologie and her layers of black (with a vest that has an abundance of buttons) add a nice contrast.

A look at her Keds.

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