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Friday, June 29, 2007

Abi - Haight Street, SF

"I'm a painter, I really like the color combinations (of this skirt) and my favorite color is green."

I love the green layers, how they are subtlety different and how they look with her red hair. This is a San Francisco outfit, practical with layers and gloves, but still very fashionable via color blocking.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tiffany - Market Street, SF

"This particular outfit - I like to mix interesting colors and make them work together. My style is inspired by... Well I'm an artist so I like to be creative, but I like to have some *lady* (femininity) in it too."

I like her color combination of blue and green and her lovely necklace.

A look at her vinyl platform peeptoes.

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Natalie - Haight Street, SF (Quick Shots)

I like how visually interesting the single vertical stripe is on her blouse/skirt. She was in a hurry or this would've been a regular examination. She looks so put together and ladylike.

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Michael - Church Street, SF

"Saks Fifth Avenue."

Michael said he was exhausted, but kindly stopped anyhow. I'm glad he did. Love the entire ensemble, this is an outfit that makes me proud of SF, less formal (no pocket square or tie) and open collar, two of three buttons buttoned, and well fitting.

A look at his formal loafers.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Julian - Market Street, SF

"Just comfort. I just love pastels, I love cardigans and sweater vests. I want to dress age appropriate. I just turned thirty and want to dress a little more mature than I have the past few years."

I like his gray and pink color combination.

A look at his trainers.

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Jen - Fillmore Street, SF

"I bought this dress at a store in Chinatown, that my friend told me about. We're supposed to keep it a secret. It's a really cute little store in Chinatown, if you can find it. Good luck. I guess I've been trying to be a little more laid-back. I was looking like a grown-up, now I'm over that. I want to embrace the San Francisco whacked-out culture while I'm young enough to do it."

I like her overall outfit. The leather jacket and shoes and the wonderful hooded tunic.

I love prints like these on clothing, non-repetitive scenes. I'm considering hunting down this mythical store in Chinatown, that past fashionists have alluded to as well.

Notice how her boots have contrasting leather? So, sexy!

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Ian and Marcela - Haight Street, SF (Quick Shots)

I love his color blocking and her leather zip up jacket worn with trainers and her cute glasses frames. I really like that I came upon them drinking red bulls and hanging out on their stoop.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shannon - Church Street, SF

"I'm trying to stay warm and be work appropriate. That's about it."

I like how her fuchsia pink shirt peeks out of her invisible button trench coat and how her shoes are practical yet hint at ample toe cleavage.

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Kristin - Haight Street, SF

"The Haight Ashbury - just walking around and looking at people (inspire me)."

I like how her dress acts as the unifying element between her graphical handbag and shoes.

Great graphical flats.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Chelsea - Duboce Avenue, SF

"I usually try to dress particularly vintage or from the 60s. It is the era I feel most comfortable in. This (coat) is actually from Anthropologie, but it's good enough, for now."

I like her color blocking combo of mustard yellow and purple.

A look at her mustard yellow loafers.

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Nick - Haight Street, SF

"I saw this (cardigan) at the store, it seemed unique. I really like cardigans and thought 'that's dope', it has the big buttons and wide v, it's also tight in the sleeves which I like right now. It's my own sense. Nothing in particular inspires it."

I really like the aforementioned cardigan and how a neckline can make a world of difference in proportions of an outfit. For reference, remember Teva's regular cut cardigan?

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Tanja and Sabrina - Haight Street, SF

Sabrina: "Nothing really, I'm kind of into purple stuff, so I have it on."
Tanja: "My sister (Sabrina) inspires me."

Awww so very sweet. I think these sisters look great. They straddle fashionable/functional very well, coming in on bikes and locking said bikes when I stopped to ask them to pose for me.

A closer look at their boots.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Rob - Church Street, SF

"I just have a love for 70s vintage, polyester, and patterns."

I love his patterned shirt with the puffy vest. If you've been following my site, perhaps you know I have a weakness for men who wear color?

I like how his trainers match his pants.

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Lenera and Terrell - Church Street, SF

Terrell:"I like her classic simple style."
Lenera: "The same."

I like how they're both wearing these muted natural colors, but the proportions and layering make the outfits interesting. They match, but aren't matchy at all.

A look at their shoes. Lenera is wearing Cydwoqs.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kate - Church Street, SF

"Comfort. I like backpacks because they're comfortable and I like tennis shoes because they're comfortable."

I really like her jacket and her cute short haircut.

A look at her Nikes. I also like that her pants have slits, so that she can get more motion/room while still being stylish.

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Tracy - Haight Street, SF

"I like to incorporate some vintage pieces. I like to mix classic styles and lots of bright bold colors. I don't do a lot of patterns, but I like a lot of color blocking. I like vintage cuts."

Her clothes look really great. Beyond the visual color blocking, the mixing of the green and red adds an interesting element of military-ness to her outfit.

A look at her great perforated handbag.

Gorgeous and very now, red cork platforms. I'd definitely rock this entire outfit.

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Jean - Fillmore Street, SF

"Probably the catwalks."

I love her dress, which she confessed is a Forever 21 knock-off (exact copy) of Nicole Farhi. I'm pretty sure it's the dress that was highlighted in the NY Times article about Forever 21.

I like how the graphic on the dress is so bold, yet she mixes it up with a stripped flat.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Seren and Scheha - Fillmore Street, SF

Scheha: "Today comfort. I usually dress for glamour."
Seran shrugged her shoulders when asked about her style inspiration.

I like how Scheha's coat glistened in the magic hour light. I also like how her deconstructed blouse sort of surrounds the coat.

A look at their comfortable shoes.

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Joshua - Fillmore Street, SF

"I like to wear clothes on purpose. It's the closest thing I can say to an inspiration. I just like to pick something and know that I'm wearing it when I walk out the door."

I like his unabashedly splayed collar on his bright yellow shirt and his oxblood (!) brogues.

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