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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ceasar - Market Street, SF

"I just put things together, whatever I grab. My glasses, my friend designed them and another friend designed this shirt."

I'm really taken by all his graphic elements. The shirt, shoes and glasses look so well put together. He's a graphic designer. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he wears his profession well.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Natasha - Fillmore Street, SF

"I'm inspired by people I see on the street and Amoeba Music."

I like her colorful pants and the way she wears it with her knee socks, it reminds me of baseball uniforms and sunny weather. A close-up of her colorful trainers.

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Nina - Grant Street, SF

"This morning I say I'm inspired by a crackish hangover."

I like how her scarf (and shoes) add color to this outfit.

Her Naf Naf shoes are what stood out for me. Also, how great is this elasticized pant cuff? It's not something I'd expect, but I love how it instantly adds an element of sporty-ness.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rob - Hayes Street, SF

"I feel fashion mimics vintage clothing, so as time progresses the clothes you find in vintage stores' mimics fashion and I think that's neat."

The neon red shoes pulled me in, but it's the little details (like this armadillo pin), that stay with me.

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Eva - Market Street, SF

"I'm mostly inspired by 1930's Art Deco and men's suiting. I like to be classically styled."

The detail on the sweater vest. I really like how she took a suit and added feminizing touches. I'll confess her sweater vest inspired envy.

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Margaret - Hayes Street, SF

"I like bright colors and things that remind me of the Beatles."

I like that she has elements to her outfit that weren't readily apparent when I first spotted her, but popped out when I was speaking to her. Like her small turtle earrings and how the stripe on her skirt matches the yellow collar peeping out from under her sweater.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Francisco - Market Street, SF

I spotted him and knew I had to get a photo. Turns out he's visiting from Spain and thought I was asking for directions. After a little confusion he agreed to let me take his photo. (I couldn't figure out how to ask what his fashion philosophy is.)

I'm impressed that he tied all these divergent patterns together to rock such an awesome outfit. Even his hat had a madras pattern on it.

And these shoes with the pants! Bravo - Well played Spaniard. Well played.

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Chris - Market Street, SF

"I buy clothes that fit well and are comfortable so my mood can dictate my selection every day. Add in some particularly interesting or beautiful stuff, and it's easy to have a bit of flash, too."

Close-up on the front detail of his green corduroy sports coat.

Close-up of the back detail.

I like how he pairs the striking green sports coat with a different toned green shirt. He bought the sports coat at Minnie Wilde, its graphics are spray-painted stencils.

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Christian - Market Street, SF

"Sometimes it's comfort, sometimes it's style. Like right now, I'm not very comfortable, but..."

A close-up of his tie and his wrist jewelry.

Notice how the buttons are on the wrong side? I like that he's wearing a woman's jacket to achieve the tight fit and wrists bearing look. I think the short tie pulls it all together.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Isabel - Market Street, SF

"In no particular order: colors, city life, sparrows and fun."

I liked the way she incorporated function and fashion with her key-as-pendant.

Also! I'm not sure you noticed but Isabel, Moniquica, Bethia and Eva all have red shoes on. It's a nice way to add pazazz to an outfit.

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Bethia - Market Street, SF

"I love the Victorian-era, music, retro fashion, art history and the art nouveau and art deco movements."

A close-up of her necklace by Minx.

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Moniquica - Market Street, SF

"Wanting to look unique and different inspires me."

I like how she uses red accessories to dress up a very basic black outfit. I didn't take close-ups of her necklace, headband, belt, shoes or purse, but you can click on the photo to see more detail.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Eva - Market Street, SF

"I like mixing my favorites of different decades. I take trendy things now and mix it up with stuff from the past. Which is fashion, I guess..."

I like the overall look of her outfit, simple, yet well-fit and stylish (notice the detail of the red pocket square in the dress pocket?). It's my ideal of classic SF-style. (Though probably not based in reality.)

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Mira - Market Street, SF

"I like glittery and sparkly things..."

I like that she carefully thought about accesories in putting her outfit together.

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Sheena - Haight Street, SF

"The Fruits Movement inspires me, as well as more simple clothes and good cuts."

I can't say what caught my eye first, her colorful jacket or her colorful wares. She was actually in the middle of painting a piece when I walked by.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Zenith - Market Street, SF

"I used to dress up as a child. When I grew up I decided that I would play dress up all the time."

Her South Asian garments' trim glistened while she walked down Market Street and because I'm such a magpie, these details always catch my eye.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Trina - Fillmore Street, SF

"I like to take vintage fashion and new things to mix together and make them my own look."

Another fashionable cardigan spotted.

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Julia and Josh - Market Street, SF

Julia: "The cut, lines and tailoring is what inspires me in fashion."
Josh: "Clothes are beautiful artifacts and they can make people look amazing."

I kept seeing them while downtown and when they were right behind me walking, I knew I had to photograph them. Josh's cardigan is particularly clever, he took an item that usually has unfashionable connotations and he used it to very fashionable consequences.

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Amelia - Fillmore Street, SF

"I wear what I like and I have a business job, so I try to get away with what I can. I also really like '77 punk, so I think that comes through."

A close-up of her shoes. I'd rock these.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Christina - Grant Street, SF

"I like uniforms."

I noticed her suit because it reminded me of the suit that the Siamese Pieuvre from The City of Lost Children wears. I'm not sure if my recollection is 100% correct, but the shape and wool texture are quite similar.

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Cieron - Grant Street, SF

"Football hooligan and b-boy."

Attitude and nice touches such as the newsboy hat and white sneakers make him standout.

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Lisa - 16th Street, SF

"I don't want to go home and change, but I'm going to a Roky Erikson show tonight. I had to wear something that was also appropriate for work."

I'm not sure this was intentional, but the color combo of bright yellow with her same toned hair/bag/boots make this outfit for me.

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Noelle - Haight Street, SF

"Friends and fabrics inspire me."

The best way to wear a short skirt in San Francisco.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lorraine - Guerrero Street, SF

"My style is inspired by my grandmother's closet, Vashti Bunyan lyrics and my love for Francois Hardy."

Proportions and color can really make an outfit. Check out the way her shortened pants and mauve shoes add *zing* to her otherwise black and white outfit.

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Adrienne - Market Street, SF

adrienne"I wear whatever is clean."

Function and style. If you click on the image, you can see the coat has an asymmetrical zigzag pattern made by the closure.

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Jacqui - Church Street, SF

"I like clothing with history..."

I like the almost monochromatic mauve tones of her coat, skirt and scarf.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Matt - Market Street, SF

"I'm from London and I like indie rock bands, so I like to look smart, but not that I'm trying too hard."

His sweater vest, shirt, and jacket share undertones of gray that pull everything together. I also really like the slim fit of the jacket.

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Ann - Market Street, SF

"I'm inspired by looking at magazines and things I can't afford. I'm also inspired by the nature of the environment."

Her daring use of color (greens with red) in a sea of black in the Financial District caught my eye when I was "fashion stalking".

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Amanda - Mission Street, SF

"I'm inspired by my innards, Bob Barker and the funk within."

The echoes of the blue dress via the blue stripes on her shirt make the outfit pop. I like the mix of colors and contrasts.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Ashley - Church Street, SF

"I wear whatever is casual and comfortable."

I like how she just sells her look. Great hair, great purse, Converse shoes; she oozes comfort and practicality without sacrificing style.

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