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Friday, January 30, 2009

Charmaine - Dolores Park, SF

"I'm not really sure. I just feel like it. Wake up and put something on that makes you feel how you feel."

Who knew an ice cream cone could be such a compelling accessory? Charmaine pulls off the trapeze dress well by keeping her legs bare.

A look at her canvas boots that manage to look light even if they are knee grazing.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cynthia - Dolores Park, SF

"Comfort, I think."

Cynthia's dress looks like it would be perfect for riding a banana seat step-thru bike while eating a snow cone on a hot sunny day. I love the contrasting four fabrics that went into making this dress and how it doesn't look overwhelming on a small frame. The stretchy tube-top part of the dress is forgiving and holds Cynthia, instead of squeezing her, overall, a great sundress.

Shoes that lie somewhere between peep-toe slides and sandals.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jasmine - Dolores Park, SF

"I'm really into the 90s."

There is something about how Jasmine dresses that reminds me of Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club or Winona Ryder in Lucas. You see it, don't you? She's playing the crush-worthy artistic girl that the audience identifies with and that the hero will understand is his true love later. I think I used to model myself on that girl. It's nice to see someone still embody this ideal for all the arty girls of 'yore. (Myself included.)

A look at the cutest lace-up booties.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Dennis - 18th Street, SF (Quick Shots)

Brigid - Dolores Park, SF

"Well this outfit... I'm adopting a dog, and I went to meet with the people so I wanted to look professional. Gold is [also] my favorite color, so that's with the gold and the gold buttons."

I like her gold touches (blouse! buttons) and how it looks so great with her red hair. It might be her hair or her shirt that is knotted, just so, but whatever it is Brigid has an air of rumpleness that I find infinitely appealing.

A look at her flats.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Emily and Leslie - Dolores Park, SF

Emily: "I would have to say looking awesome."
Leslie: "She dressed me, she's my stylist, her name is Emily Grift [ed.- sp?]. Her Cranberries cover band is called Ocean Spray."

Lovely floral patterns that harken back to (my) junior high years and Laura Ashley idealism. How could I resist the lure of women who so fabulously wear what I wanted to embody as a 13 year old? I especially like that they wear the floral patterns without irony and give them their proper feel by going bare legged.

A look at their practical for walking footwear.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jessie, Talia and Mark - 18th Street, SF

Jessie: "Cheapness, try to be yourself. That's it."
Talia: "Basically I just go for comfort, that's it."
Mark: "It's all come as it comes. I just bought them all in one day and put them together."

Extremely good sports who faced down the sun, so I could take their photos. I like their colorful outfits and how their clothes fit ever so off-kilter, an interesting unsettledness in the fabric and how it drapes against their forms. Good stuff.

A look at their shoes.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lori - 18th Street, SF

"I don't know. I was going to the park, so I felt like a sundress. I don't know what inspires it."

I like the heaviness of her floral pattern. Makes her look a great in-between winter and spring look, like she isn't quite ready to commit yet.

A look at her basket-esque woven flats.

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Evie - Dolores Park, SF

"Really, love. Yeah, a deep sense of love for myself and the world."

Her colorful tunic worn with a green suede belt, crystal pendant necklace and chandelier earrings look fantastic. She has an admirable air of luxe casualness to her.

A look at her lace-up boots.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Skeet - Dolores Park, SF

"Me? I'm not dressed that well."

Something about what Skeet is wearing reminds me of the character that Michael Douglas plays in Falling Down. I think it's because guys who tuck in their button down shirts are a dying breed. (It's all about the belly - or lack there of.) Skeet plays bass in a local band, whose name I can't quite recall now, but if you look up his myspace, maybe you can catch them the next time they play.

A look at his Converse.

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Brennan - Church Street, SF

"The City mainly and then music I listen to. Mainly the City though."

I like the cowl neck of his shirt and how his vest sort of just reigns it all in. Also, I love his boots. His faux white wayfarers pulls it all together.

Nice Beatles-esque boots.

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Michael - Dolores Street, SF

"I was getting myself suitable for the weather in San Francisco since you never know when it's gonna turn. So, I thought I'd wear something that was layered."

Men dressing colorfully is a rare sight, I'm particularly impressed that Michael limited the black in his outfit. Go Michael!

A look at his argyle vans.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Lorraine and Yuka - Dolores Park, SF

: "My style is inspired by my grandmother's closet, Vashti Bunyan lyrics and my love for Francois Hardy."
Yuka: "I have to wear high pants because of my sciatica."

Small girls with big shades. I love when sportswear is injected with a healthy dose of color and playfulness, making it very appropriate park duds.

A look at their sporty flatwear. (Okay, totally used flatwear as an associative device flatware to make myself laugh.)

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Alexis and Zucu - 18th Street, SF

Alexis: "Just a regular day, it's sunny so we're going to Dolores. Just thought I'd wear something relaxing. And Goodwill."
Zucu: "I'm gonna be meeting a lot of people from my alumni organization today, so I want to look somewhat together."

I like that they are basically waring the same thing; jeans and blazer, but the small differences in their outfits (color, cut of blazer), change the look of very casual (Alexis) to a touch less so (Zucu).

Loafers or boots complete the casual versus dressy vibe.

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Tiare and Sara - Dolores Park, SF

Tiare: "The 1920s."
Sara: "60s French pop music."

Yes, it's Sara again. This time dressed colorfully and accompanied by her equally colorful friend, Tiare. I really like how they look as if they were pulled out of a children's book and plopped into Dolores Park.

I love their colorful tights worn with lovely shoes (especially those on the right).

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stefanie - 18th Street, SF (Quick Shots)

Update: Look! By chance I saw her dress online.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oliver - 18th Street, SF

"I guess it's just eclectic. It just happens throughout the years. Different things that I add on to things that I love. It just kind of happens."

Love his Penguin® shirt, worn with slim jeans, Clarks® and holding a duffle bag; Oliver was my ideal of guy outfit on this particular sunny (but not hot) SF day. I find that guys look great when their clothes fit well, but it doesn't look like they're trying to be fashionable. But I *heart* seeing very fashionable guys, so there is some line I'm skirting here...

I have this big crush on Clarks®, both for men and women. I find his desert treks to be very lovely. (When I mention this to Oliver, he looked at me oddly, just shows that every once in a while I'm a nerd about odd things.)

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Maryam - 18th Street, SF

"I wanted to do a little ethnicity without going to the keffiyeh. Especially right now, I SHOULD be wearing a keffiyeh, as I feel deep solidarity with the Palestinians who are effectively being "cleansed" out of Gaza. I am disgusted with the apartheid. I avoid wearing a keffiyeh because of the way it has been appropriated by silly Urban Outfitted youngsters whose political views are often blatantly anti-Arab."

I love her scarf and the simple silhouette of t-shirt, thin stretchy skirt and boots.

A look at her slouchy brown boots.

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