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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Woopie Cushions - Dolores Park, SF (Quick Shots)

Our esteemed Woopie Cushions are from left to right: Kelly, Felicia, Nicole, and Sasha.

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Sofia - Dolores Park, SF (Quick Shots)

A Dolores Park Dragon! Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bruce and Tamara - Dolores Park, SF

Tamara: "Convenience, comfort and not wanting to look like everyone else at the peace rally."
Bruce: "What inspired this outfit? Comfort I guess, and not wanting to look like the people at the peace rally."

I like her dress, I have this weakness for clothes that have a nostalgic folk-like feel to them. I think he looks pulled together as well, notice his red shirt peeking out from his jacket and his matching red laces?

A look at their shoes.

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Tara - Dolores Park, SF

"I am inspired by the Weimar Period as well as my own imagination. I am a fashion designer."

I like the theatrical elements of her outfit, especially her belt and ruffles.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Kate - Stockton Street, SF

"I like mixing designer pieces with vintage pieces."

I like the fabric of her dress and how she wears it with great accessories like her headband, belt and green bag.

A closeup of her buckle.

A look at her boots.

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Eileen - Sutter Street, SF

"This particular outfit I liked right away because it reminded me of Charlie Brown and when my husband saw the dress he called me Charlie-wife. So, it's just fun and sassy and most of the time I just like being edgy and different. And not fitting in to what other people think is great, it's more what I think is great."

I like how she paired her mustard yellow dress with bold black shoes and accessories.

Her great chunky black jewelry.

A look at her boots.

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Artist/Vendor - Dolores Park, SF (Quick Shots)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Band - Dolores Park, SF (Quick Shots)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ahmad - Haight Street, SF

"What inspires my fashion is myself, I think. Anything that I like I just go for it, put it together."

I stopped Ahmad because of his great bag and his beautiful leather booties. Sometimes it really is all about the details you add to your outfit.

A lot of guy carry messenger bags, this small structured leather briefcase/bag is an outstanding alternative.

I like how the tongue on these booties are particularly long and check out the seams - very lovely.

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Manjari and Victoria - Haight Street, SF

Manjari: "Summer weather."
Victoria: "I was running late for the dentist today."

I like that they're both wearing early 80s inspired outfits. This was one of the recent hot SF days, so their outfits seem appropriate both for day and evening. (Also! I think I have a pink sweater that looks an awful like Victoria's blue one.)

A look at their flats, one a loafer, the other faux tortoise shell peep toes.

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Praven - 16th Street, SF

"What influences my style, I guess, is anything that is cheap. I don't buy clothes very often, but if I do... I've been getting into the San Francisco thing of just going to thrift stores and buying cheap stuff. Just very comfortable, cheap and conforms to my slim build."

Sometimes something as simple as a non-black slim cut will make an outfit stand out on the street. I also like that he's wearing man sandals instead of flip flops.

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Nicole - Haight Street, SF

"Warrior woman."

It's all about her accessories. I love her feather headband and her turquoise bracelet. I also have this thing for anything that looks folky, like the appliqué on her dress.

A look at that bracelet.

Her knee-high boots.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stephanie - Church Street, SF

"You know it's the shoes. Today it's about the shoes. I got these yesterday and they were really cute and sparkly. I got these at Shoe Biz on Haight Street. My girlfriend and I were shopping and we both liked them so much we both bought them."

This outfit is a great transistional to Fall outfit. I like the light green knit top that she layers paired with her green short trench.

A look at the lovely aforementioned shoes.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Marynoel - 16th Street, SF

"I really like vintage, so I would say old photographs and vintage clothing and old movies inspire my style a lot."

I like that her dress has a bit of a saloon girl feeling, but pretty and delicate all at the same time.

A gorgeous basket weave hinge handbag.

A look at her white sandals.

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Kelly - 18th Street, SF

"Alfred Hitchcock and Rock'n'Roll."

I took Kelly's photo because she looks so well put together (on an unexpectedly hot SF day). Her perfect black day dress, sandals and large sunglasses was exactly the outfit I wish I was wearing (instead of my staid cords and floral top).

A look at her black huarache-esque sandals.

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Lydia - Dolores Park, SF

"I just bought these (suspenders). What inspires me is probably thrift shops and these (pants by Fashion Bug) are a bit too high-waisted."

Lydia's outfit reminds me of modern dancers' outfits during the 80s (an impression left on me by watching Fame and Lionel Ritchie videos). I like the streamlined silhouette injected with a certain amount of flare.

A look at her blue canvas slip-ons.

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Terra - Duboce Avenue, SF

"I thought it was gonna be a lot colder today. I don't know Fall, the gold, and the brown - just darker colors."

I like the non-symmetrical pattern on her shift. She wears it well.

A look at her boots.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Iris - Duboce Avenue, SF

"My dress, it's just from H&M and one night I got stoned and sewed bows onto everything that I own."

I like her great haircut and dress. It does my heart good to see people adding personal touches to their clothes. And her red Wayfarers matching her lipstick? Pretty awesome.

See how her handbag matches her dress in color tone? Nice job Iris.

A look at her 70s inspired peep sandals toes.

I'm not sure you'd recognize her if I didn't point it out (I hardly recognized her), but I've taken a photo of Iris before.

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